Citizens File Lawsuit Against State For Lack of Representation

Citizens for Fair Representation (CFR) has filed a lawsuit against the State of California for lack of representation and dilution of vote. CFR represents citizens from 21 rural counties in the northern area of the State. A long list of plaintiffs have joined CFR in the lawsuit, representing a diversity of cultures, ages, races, gender and political philosophy.

Over the last 3 years, most of these plaintiffs have petitioned the California State Legislature and Secretary of State, seeking equal/fair representation. Tens of thousands of phone calls, letters, faxes and emails have gone out to their elected representatives, requesting them to introduce a Bill or Resolution to create a more representative balance in both legislative chambers. Many of the plaintiffs have personally visited legislative offices and claim that all their requests have gone ignored, leaving them no choice, but to enter the legal process.

Currently, California's population is just under 40 million, whose people are represented by 40 State Senators and 80 Assembly members. The same number of representatives that existed in 1862, when the total population was 416,460.

Prior to 1964, just about every county was represented by one Senator. Today, a California State Senator represents an average of one million people and each Assembly member, 500,000. Currently, 11 northern rural counties have one Senator whose vote is diluted by 15 Senators representing the single County of Los Angeles.

California's imbalance of representation ranks the worst on the list of 50 States. The small State of New Hampshire has 400 in their State House of Representatives, with a ratio of one representative for less than 3,500 people. They have 24 Senators or one for every 55,000. New Hampshire's ratio of balance closely models the representation CFR is seeking to accomplish here in California. If CFR is successful, this would be history in the making, not only for their 21 counties, but all of California's 58 counties and those in other states.

Claimant's state: "California's refusal to increase its levels of representation to reflect the exponential population growth is both arbitrary and unconstitutional."

CFR's lawsuit was filed on May 8th, with the United States District Court, Eastern District of California, and Sacramento Division. Citizens for Fair Representation is a 501(C) (4).

# Sad state of affairsBill Beeler 2017-05-09 17:15
Two friends and I attended this function yesterday. We took the press release to every assembly person and senator on the 2nd floor save one. For the most part, we were able to record each encounter and people were pleasant but three did not want to be recorded. The coldest reception we had was in the office of our own senator, Jim Neilson. How sad is that?
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