New recruits for the Democrat Party

by Wade Freedle a member of the Nevada County Central Committee and Tea Party

I have often wondered why Democratic Governors are so intent on pardoning so many convicted felons prior to the end of their sentences. I don’t believe it is compassion because they have never shown any compassion toward the victims of these crimes. On the contrary, their bias is consistently and overwhelmingly on protecting the rights of the criminal, rather than the victim. I think their campaign to restore voting rights to ex - felons may be the key to understanding these actions.

Let’s take a look at two of the most prominent examples. Terry McAuliffe, governor of Virginia, sprang (oops pardoned) cons by the thousands – murderers, robbers, rapists, carjackers, etc. and, this may be a clue; he gave them the ability to vote. Interesting? Is restoring their right to vote a stroke of civic generosity or the development of a predicable voting bloc? Let’s recount, murderers, robbers, rapists, carjackers, etc. - no Republicans in that group. All Democrats or at least potential Democrats. The issue upon release from prison is now a new suit, a release authorization, and a voter registration form. And you can’t argue with the success of the system. Look at all of the criminals (oops former criminals) who now fill the ranks of Democratic legislators – of course there is a little recidivism from time to time, but you have that with any system.

Governor Brown of California, who is never to be outdone when it comes to dreaming up the next iteration of liberal lunacy, has taken the process a step further. Convicted felons who are still in prison have been authorized to vote while still in prison as a result of recent legislation that the Governor cooked up. So the Democrats have the convicted felon vote, if you will excuse the expression, locked up. The Democrat campaign motto could be, “your vote is your get out of jail free card”.

But within the community of their peers (the Democrat Party) they do have a singular distinction. They are, in a word, honest criminals. But how, you ask, can the contradictory words honest and criminal be used in the same sentence? Just this. The convicted felons are honest criminals because they have been open and direct in the commission of their crime. They stick a gun in your ribs and demand your wallet. They rob a bank up front and personal by pointing a gun at the teller and demanding the cash. They burglarize a home by breaking down the door and loading up their trailer. They therefore, honestly pursue the profession of crime. While their Democrat party brethren dishonestly pursue the crime of socialism, which eventually robs the entire society of the ability to sustain itself. There is a great deal written about the radicalizing of men when they are incarcerated in prison. No doubt it happens. Some become Muslims, some become hardened criminals and some become democrats. You pick the biggest loser. The Democrat Party is the largest criminal conspiracy in the nation. It is composed of members who have been through the criminal justice system and those that should be, or, if justice is to be served, will be.

One of the cornerstones of political correctness is the purging of words that offend some imagined constituency. Some are obvious. But one that I could never understand until now was “danger”. I can’t imagine a statement on a box of dynamite that says; “if you drop this box you will be blown to harm’s way” Just doesn’t seem to fit. But now I think I understand. If the word danger was still in the vocabulary those nasty old Republicans might just put up a sign that said, “Danger social welfare state ahead, social collapse is imminent”. But, with the removal of that dangerous word danger, all they can say is, “harm’s way ahead” which conjures up a tidy little street named after Mr. Harms, and a warm and welcoming future.

The point of this article is in the tone as well as the substance. And the tone is adversarial for a purpose. At one time in the past there was a Marquis of Queensbury set of rules for political discourse. No more. Political contention is now in the realm of the most brutal back alley brawl imaginable. There are no rules and there is no mercy. Democrats have been fighting this war for decades. Republicans had better start.

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