Bill allowing Communists to Work for California Government withdrawn

By Stephen Frank

Every once in a while the voice of the people, reason and sanity is heard in Sacramento. Ultra-Leftist Democrat Assemblyman Rob Bonta presented a bill that would have the support of Russian President Putin—AB 22 would repeal the law that bans Communists from working in the California government.

The Sacramento Bee had this to say, “The Alameda Democrat said he introduced Assembly Bill 22 this session to “clean up” unconstitutional statutory language that made membership in the Communist Party a fireable offense for California public employees. But it generated intense controversy when it came up for a vote on the Assembly floor last week, where several members rose to speak about the pain still carried by constituents who fled the communist regime in Vietnam.”

Of course the Bee called the ban on those wanting to violently overthrow a “red scare”—more fake news from a once great newspaper. Glad to see that something scares a Democrat. The good news is that as long as we allow BlackLivesMatter and other radical, vicious and bigoted organizations and their members working for government, no one is safe. At least the obnoxious Communist ban is still in place, even as a symbolic statement against tyranny.

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