AB 699: Law Breakers and Nullifying of Constitution

By Stephen Frank

In 1860, South Carolina started the nullification effort against the United States. In 2017, Rendon, De Leon and Brown have started the SECOND Civil War, by passing legislation that nullifying Federal law. We have SB 54 to make California a sanctuary State, nullifying out immigration laws. We have a bill to give pot growers and sellers sanctuary, nullifying Federal drug laws. Now we have Democrats in Sacramento, with AB 699 giving honest tax dollars to law breakers, trying to further nullify enforcement of immigration law.

AB 699, instead of turning in law breakers, rewards them for breaking the law with tuition aid. In effect, this department of State government is a co-conspirator in a crime—using your money.

“Assembly Bill 699 will add legal protections for undocumented students attending K-12 public schools in California by barring immigration authorities from entering campuses without a warrant and permission from school officials. The measure also prevents school staff from collecting information about immigration status from students or their guardians and bans school officials from cooperating with federal authorities.

SB 699 makes a teacher in California a law breaker—must make their mothers proud.

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