President Jerry Brown Decides to Ally California With China

By Stephen Frank

He could not become President of the United States—so, apparently, he stayed at a Holiday Inn Express and declared himself to be President of the new nation, California. He is supporting nullification of many Federal laws. At the same time he has decided that Federal laws on the environment, health care or education no longer are appropriate for California. Now his foreign policy is being formed.

“Gov. Jerry Brown said he will discuss merging carbon trading markets in his state and China during his trip to Asia, a sign of the governor’s ambition to influence global climate change policy.

Brown discussed his plans in a telephone interview after U.S. President Donald Trump on Thursday announced he would withdraw the United States from the landmark 2015 Paris climate accord, a global agreement to fight climate change. The move fulfilled a major Trump campaign pledge, but drew condemnation from U.S. allies and business leaders.”

This is good news for Arizona, Nevada, Texas, Florida and other States in the United States. Brown has decided to make it even more expensive to live in California, have fewer jobs—and try to turn over our jobs to the Chinese. My guess is that this creates the next economic boom for the rest of the nation—except for the failed States like New York, Illinois and Washington. California State tax revenues are down, education has failed, roads are crumbling and the debt of the State of $1.5 trillion, with CalPERS. Brown is working hard to assure Third World status for a once great nation—is Puerto Rico his goal?

# MoonbeamsRoger Ferguson 2017-06-21 10:11
Why can't he realize that he's a governor, not the President and he has NO authority to make deals with any other country. PLEASE send in the National Guard and enforce immigration laws and the 2nd amendment.
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