California Appears to Invite Voter Fraud

By Stephen Frank

My home county of Ventura has, according to official government reports, 99% of its eligible voters registered to vote. San Fran and San Diego are among the counties that have over 100% of the eligible people registered to vote. Fraud? It is staring us in our face. Yet, the Left and the media tries to claims none exists. Honest elections? Have not had them for years. Thanks to the Election Integrity Project we are getting the information that government and the courts have been hiding.

“The number of registered voters reported on the California Secretary of State website reflects only the number of “Active” voters. Not reflected in that number are millions of “Inactive” voters included in VoteCal. Inactive voters are people who have not voted for an extended period of time and who have not responded to mailings. Many have moved or are deceased and according to federal law, they should have been removed long ago.

The number of Active voters plus the number of Inactive registrants adds up to impossibly high registration rates throughout the state. This pushes the total voter registrations well over the number of eligible citizens in those counties. These Inactive registrants are still qualified to vote.

Why is this important? It’s easy for anyone to claim to be an inactive voter and vote in their name. Voter impersonation is the perfect crime since California does not require voter ID.”

It is easier to vote illegally in California than to steal a package of gum at a convenience store.

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