Take Back America Campaign

by Roger Morgan Chairman/Founder, Take Back America Campaign


Californians have had enough! Because our government has gone rogue and become the largest cartel in existence, supplying 60 to 70% of the entire US market with marijuana, we have had an influx of druggies from all over the world. Now, Republican lobbyist Roger Stone plans to create his own pot farm called “Tricky Dick”, and lobby congress and the President to make it legal. One more drug dealer seeking fortunes on the backs of our youth. Since even conspiring to violate federal CSA laws in a crime, perhaps Stone should be fitted for an orange jump suit, along with a few others.

If you don’t understand the problem, you can’t fix it. So, let’s talk candidly about the problem.

The march to legalize this dangerous drug really got underway during the Clinton years. The plan was orchestrated in 1996 and subsequently funded for 20 years by America’s Drug Lord, George Soros. Working, in his words, as a team with Bill and Hillary, he crafted and helped fund the propaganda campaign that duped California voters into passing Prop 215, “The Compassionate Use Act.” In reality, it had nothing to do with compassion. President Clinton could have, and should have, stopped its implementation. But then, Clintons were part of the “team”.

Working together, Soros, Hillary and Harold Eckes, formed the Shadow Party. By using the IRS 527 loophole, they found a way to invest significant funds into organizations that backed their political purposes, without directly financing politicians. According to The Shadow Party written by David Horowitz and Richard Poe, in 2003 Eli Pariser, Executive Director of Soros’ MOVEON.ORG, proclaimed ....”We bought the Democratic Party. We own it.“ And so it seems. To the detriment of citizens of both parties, the Democratic party has made legalization of marijuana a party plank. Except for a few Republicans defectors like Rorhabacher and McClintock, the Democratic Party owns the drug problem. The question is, ...... where are the Republicans?

One third of American families (85 million people) are directly impacted by a family member who has a mental illness or is addicted. Gang members outpace law enforcement two to one. America is last (24th) among industrialized nations academically, with a one-third dropout rate. According to UC Santa Barbara research, the life time cost of one high school dropout is $392,000. Multiply that by 1.3 million dropouts, and the annual cost is about $500 billion. Add public sector costs for physical and mental health care, the justice system, traffic deaths at $1.4 million each, homelessness, incarceration et al, and the economic cost is well over $1 trillion a year ... for a preventable disease. Nothing in modern history compares in terms of death, destruction, pain, suffering and economic cost; and nothing offers a greater opportunity to save lives and tax dollars. Yet, it isn’t even on the Republican radar. Why not?

Marijuana causes physical changes in the developing brain for anyone under 25. It causes psychotic breaks leading to horrific crimes and suicide, mental illness, addiction, suicide, birth defects, cancer, and traffic deaths. Over 50% of arrestees test positive for pot. It is a gateway to crime, homelessness, academic failure, lost productivity and other drugs. It is tied directly to the pandemic of 144 overdose deaths every day from heroin and opioids. But overdose isn’t the only cause of death, nor the only adverse outcome. Today’s nuclear powered pot is very dangerous and can be lethal.

As to the State’s rights for “medical marijuana”, I challenge anyone, including the President, to define what is meant by the term. Marijuana is a fat-soluble complex drug with somewhere between 500 and 750 chemicals and cannabinoids. The potency (i.e. THC content) today ranges from 25% (+/-) in smoked form, 50 to 80% in edibles and almost 100% in oils and waxes used for dabbing and vaping.

CBD (cannabidiol), often called “medical marijuana”, is a non-psychoactive component that has medical benefits for some, but not all. Calling CBD “medical marijuana” is analogous to calling penicillin “medical moss”. To allow states to call pot “medicine” and consumers “patients” so the federal government won’t enforce the law is an outrage.

California doesn’t want or need any more out-of-state drug dealers. What we do need is for the Republican Party to step up and support AG Sessions and enforce the law. If neither party is going to protect the people, it begs the question ..... why do we need government at all?

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