George W. Bush, Donald Trump and the “Deep State”

DSC01462 7 12 17By John Mistler

From Wikipedia: The concept of a "Deep State" suggests that there exists a coordinated effort by career government employees and others to influence state policy without regard for democratically elected leadership. This has also been used in American political science to refer to entrenched government institutions wielding power, without necessarily implying a conspiracy. "Draining the Swamp": Trump likely drew his inspiration for the phrase from President Reagan's' call to "drain the swamp" of bureaucracy in Washington and cleanse Washington of political insiders who are out of touch with ordinary Americans. This also includes the "News Media" that are now a part of the entrenched Leftist/Liberal movement.

When Bill Clinton became president in 1992 one of the very first things he did was to clean out all of the appointed bureaucrats left over from President Reagan and George H. Bush. He then replaced them with his own people, mostly leftist and liberal. This was a very normal and reasonable practice for a newly elected President of the United States. However; President George W. Bush chose to make changes only in Federal Judges and little more; thus giving the leftist “Deep State” eight more years.

Note: George W. Bush was not one to stand up for his policies and defend his decisions. This lack of leadership hurt the Republican Party for eight years. If the president will not defend his policies and fight for what he believes it is difficult for other elected’s to defend the fight. His behavior led to the Democrats, News Media/Fake News and entrenched bureaucrats ability to define George Bush. Based on their behavior at the presidential election the Bush family, George H., George W. and Jeb, have more than their toe invested in the "Swamp"

When Obama became president he continued to berate President Bush and his policies, with no response from Bush, further hurting the Republican Party and defining the Bush administration. President Obama replaced Federal Judges and tinkered with or adjusted his leftist appointments. At the end of President Obama’s eight years the entrenched bureaucrats, “Deep State”, now twenty-four years in place, were well positioned to wreak havoc with the new President Trump’s agenda. You do not and will not see Barack Obama relinquish the power of the presidency; so much for a smooth transition of power, the one thing that separates us from most other countries.

Now we have the non-politically correct President Trump. He is faced with opposition from the Democrats, News Media/Fake News, elitist Republicans and the “Deep State”, yet he is out maneuvering all of them. Through his use of Twitter he is bypassing the “Fake News” and at the same time "Draining that part of the Swamp" also bringing his unfiltered thoughts directly to the public. Without his presidency we would not know how well entrenched the “Deep State” is.

The effort over decades to make speech "Politically Correct" is censorship. When President Trump speaks unfiltered through Twitter, he is not being politically correct and his enemies go "Nuts" trying to control him with terms of "Not Presidential", "No Class" and many more demeaning charges. Though his Tweets sometimes make us cringe, he usually gets it right.

President Trump knows we are in a fight for the very heart and soul of our nation, this is not a game. The Republican Party has not had a Junkyard Dog since Lee Atwater while the Democrats have a whole kennel full. President Trump is a fighter and will not allow himself to be defined by his enemies.