San Jose State Freshmen Pay for Own Micro Aggressions Training

By Stephen Frank

Should students be forced to pay their own money to learn how to hate, be racists and bigots—along with “learning”, if they are white, they are the scum of the earth. What will that do to their self-esteem?

I believe this effort by the totalitarian Left is actually a micro aggression—teaching hate and creating low self image should be a crime. Making people pay for this is a crime.

“The addition of micro aggressions training to the orientation was made public by SJSU’s Chief Diversity Officer Kathleen Wong on June 9 via a series of tweets. According to Wong, who leads the university’s Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, the training consists of a video of micro aggression skits, filmed with the cooperation of a film class in SJSU’s on-campus studio.

“No portion of this fee is optional as students are required to participate in all aspects of the program.”

California colleges are no longer education facilities, they are training grounds for totalitarian responses and hatred. At Berkeley Ben Shapiro has been denied the right to speak on campus—this after Milo and Coulter were denied. Free speech appears to be a micro aggression.

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