Hackers Break Into Voting Machines in 90 Minutes!

By Stephen Frank

We already know that absentee ballots by the dozen were shipped to a single apartment in San Pedro. We know that in Indiana thousands of illegal and fraudulent voter registrations were created by one organization. In Virginia they found lots of illegal registrations and voting. Then you have the votes of illegal aliens—in California you can register online without any real vetting! Now the next step.

“Tech minds at the annual DEF CON in Las Vegas were given physical voting machines and remote access, with the instructions of gaining access to the software.

According to a Register report, within minutes, hackers exposed glaring physical and software vulnerabilities across multiple U.S. voting machine companies’ products.

Some devices were found to have physical ports that could be used to attach devices containing malicious software. Others had insecure Wi-Fi connections, or were running outdated software with security vulnerabilities like Windows XP.”

To make this happen in real life, all the hacker would have to do is be a “poll volunteer” so they can change the machines—or close them down, create errors and make the election look dishonest. Imagine what the Russians and Chinese could do with months to work and more sophisticated applications! Grow up—elections in the United States have been compromised. Yet the media calls these facts Fake News and refuse to admit the truth.