Guv Brown Neglect—NOT Nature—Cause of Oroville Dam Disaster

By Stephen Frank

Like a corrupt Chicago hack politician, Guv Brown hid information, for years about the danger of the Oroville Dam failing. He had government agencies lie and refuse to give documents on the status of the Dam. So when the heavy rains last Winter caused the spillway to fail, it was no surprise to Brown—and now the Feds and California taxpayers could pay billions in damages—for knowing about a problem and not fixing it.

“State water bosses also failed to add gates above the spillway, which would have allowed the reservoir to rise another ten feet. Governor Jerry Brown claimed to be unaware of these problems and proclaimed, “stuff happens and we respond.”

One of the government’s first moves was to dam up the flow of information on safety issues. The governor and state water bureaucrats blocked public access to the dam’s design specifications, federal inspection reports, technical documents, and other crucial information. Department of Water Resources officials claimed it was a security matter, lest the information “fall into the wrong hands,” terrorists, for example. In typical style, politicians and bureaucrats are simply hiding years of negligence, faulty oversight, and misguided spending.”

This was premeditated. Government knew the dangers and refused, for years to fix it—even Democrat Congressman John Garamendi, a former California Lt. Governor knew about the problem—yet nothing was done. We will have to raise taxes to finance the lawsuits and the repairs. Too bad we can’t go over the assets of the government officials that lied—but we could go after them criminally. What do you think?