Dr. Francisco Reveles

Reveles Formal   1 17 18Is running for Yuba County Superintendent of Schools

Dr. Francisco Reveles has announced his intention to run for the position of Yuba County Superintendent of Schools. “My hands-on leadership approach emphasizes a straight-talking style of communication based on community responsiveness and fiscal accountability. Dr. Reveles was appointed to the superintendent position in August 2016 and is a strong advocate for an educational system that reflects the aspirations and values of Yuba County families.

A 25-year Yuba County resident and educator, Dr. Reveles’ priorities center on strengthening responsive schools, quality early-childhood and special education programs, college and technical career readiness for all children, and student safety. This commitment is reflected in the county office’s close collaboration with Yuba College in developing an innovative college-based education center specifically focused on serving older youth with special needs.

And student safety is paramount for Dr. Reveles. He has moved forward in close collaboration with the Yuba County Office of Emergency Services with implementing a rapid response emergency notification system for all Yuba County school districts for crises situations such as the Oroville dam evacuations and foothill fires. Children’s safety at schools during such emergencies must be a priority and part of the county crisis response planning process.

Dr. Reveles’ view is that the county superintendent’s influence and impact extend beyond schools given that children do not exist in a vacuum. Crime, homelessness, substance abuse, and living condition all impact child development, directly or indirectly. In response, the Yuba County Office of Education is sponsoring the first-ever Children’s Summit: Issues and Implications scheduled for early spring, 2018. It will bring together family support agencies, educators, law enforcement, and community advocacy groups to share critical information with policy decision-makers.

This past December, Dr. Reveles also delivered a motivational presentation at the Government Center for men and women on probation and parole, many who were also parents. Dr. Reveles shared his struggles coming to Yuba County as a child with his homeless family and the importance of developing purpose in life centered on family, inner-strength, faith, and forgiveness.

Dr. Reveles has written a number of newspaper articles that reflect his emphasis on transparency in public office and creating meaningful connections with the community. His disdain for bureaucracies that tend to politically insulate themselves by communicating in sound bites and coded media clips was underscored in a recent newspaper article he wrote on the importance of educational leaders being straight and candid with the public on the recent state academic testing results. Other published stories highlighted Dr. Reveles’ optimistic perspective on what it means to be an American while another emphasized the critical importance of parent-child communication during these challenging times. All the published articles can be accessed through the Yuba County Office of Education web site.

Dr. Reveles stresses the importance of close collaboration with all Yuba County school districts given the superintendent’s statutory responsibly for fiscal oversight and the timely implementation of the Local Control and Accountability Plans (LCAP).

Dr. Reveles holds a doctoral degree in Education, a Masters in School Counseling, and credentials in School Administration, Biology and Chemistry. Additionally, he possesses extensive experience as a school administrator, university researcher, and educational textbook author/film producer. He has presented parenting seminars across the country, delivered educational keynote addresses for NASA, and is currently serving as an Honorary Base Commander at Beale AFB as well as Yuba County Rotary member. His hands-on leadership approach and life’s work with youth were recognized as exemplary by the Center for Cowboy Ethics based in Colorado and were highlighted in a nationally released book and film.

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