Nevada County Streamlines the Building Permit Process

By Stephen Frank condensed from Gregg Fishman

Fixing the process for building permits is just one of the problems facing developers and consumers. But, it needs to be done. In Nevada County they have streamline the process from 2-4 weeks to in many cases only one day. Money saved and shows a government willing to work for the people, not against them.

“In fact, the Nevada County Building Department used to have a backlog of requests for permits and plan reviews, partially because of the sequential process they had in place when several different departments needed to review the same project. Now, much of that backlog is gone because of an innovative process they put in place that simplifies obtaining a building permit for many projects. It didn’t cost any money and it didn’t take any additional resources. All it took was rethinking the existing process and trying to approach it from the customer’s standpoint.

Is this a challenge to the 57 other counties on how to save time and money=–at no extra cost?