By Don Rae

· If we walked our toddlers 600 miles across the Nevada desert to get California taxpayer benefits, CPS would take the kids in a split second.

· Tom Steyer’s “Need to Impeach” campaign is not only manufactured, but ill conceived, divisive and ignorant. He may be filthy rich, but such does not make him more intelligent.

· The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) report on arrests and removals of illegal invaders shows that the total number of arrests in Fiscal Year 2018 was 158,581, an increase of 11% over the total arrests in FY 2017.

· Soon there will be more Democrats running around Iowa claiming they want to be President than there are people in that state.

· A federal panel of judges has dismissed all 83 ethics complaints brought against Justice Brett Kavanaugh regarding his conduct at his confirmation hearings. Why they didn’t indict certain Senators for their disreputable conduct is disturbing.

· According to the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge report some 218 thousand caribou range all over Alaska breathing out co2. And the National Geographic magazine is worried that they may be endangered by oil drilling. Well, what do the environmentalists want; a few less animals doing bad things to the air, or some needed energy extraction?

· Newsom is touting a tax on using water. Next thing you know he’ll want to tax you for breathing.

· The Mueller report has been “coming right away” for months. Still nothing. Forever nothing? Who cares?

· When you think seriously about it, the income tax was the first shot across the bow in the liberal design for redistribution of wealth.

· The propaganda forced into our living rooms, even by David Attenborough manages to crush reality under foot. He reports that Polar Bears have been spotted some 60 miles from land. Now how did they get there? Not by parachute or personal water craft. Maybe leftie private planes? They swim, dolts. They swim very well, thank you.

· Did you notice that those who know the least, manage to regale us with the longest, boring explanations?

· Can’t the mainstream media folks recall their journalism classes? Opinion and editorializing is not to be mixed with news pieces. But the LA Times lamebrains write a piece on Trump, but in the last paragraph, they simply can’t help themselves. “As he typically does, he made false and misleading claims....” Not a fact to back up the garbage. Then again, it is the LA Times trash.

· Recently the head of the Nobel Prize Committee expressed regret that they awarded the Peace Prize to Obama. It’s about time. What did he ever do to promote peace? They should look at the award given Gore also. All he did is propagate a fraud on the world with his “climate Change” trash. How about withdrawing both prizes?

· If you are a small business in California, watch out. You may find yourself in trouble and smacked with a huge fine if you sell something for which you are not required to have a license. Huh? An online retailer operating out of California has been ordered to pay a penalty of $60,000 for selling non-corrective, purely cosmetic contact lenses without first obtaining prescriptions for the non-prescription products. The Federal Trade Commission stipulates that retailers can sell contact lenses only “after obtaining a copy of a valid prescription or otherwise verifying the consumer’s prescription with the physician who issued it.” The rule applies even when there is no prescription. Huh?

· In the last California bar exam, only 40% of those that took the test passed. The legal community has gone into spasms. Calls for the passing score to be lowered are reverberating around the state. Let’s be real. Do we really want dumber lawyers?

· The people of France have revolted against taxation based on junk science – otherwise known as “climate change.” This is a revolt that is not going away. The French are the first to understand that government is stealing from them, in the name of the United Nations and totalitarians running global corporations and foreign nations.

· Leland Stanford established the university which bears his name for the purpose of educating young men and women, with an eye towards freedom and honesty. Unfortunately that goal is in the sewer. Instead, the faculty has decided that if you are a medical student who opposes the killing of babies, or at least brings up the subject, you are a danger to the community. Out with you.

· Why have there been so many officer-involved shootings? Because the leftist politicians have told the bad guys they can do anything they want and not face consequences. In order to be able to go home at night to their families, cops have to be quicker on the trigger. Good work, Democrats, you’ve reopened the Wild West.

· Congress recently spent its time denouncing white supremacy - whatever that is. Is that what we are paying those clowns to do?

· Why is Trump having such a tough time getting decent people to work in his administration? Simple. The only people who will accept nomination are part and parcel of the Deep State and conflicted on morality and honesty.

· Illegal invaders sent $56 billion earned in the USA to their countries. That amount is after their kids got free education at taxpayer expense, free lunches and free health care as well. Think that makes any kind of sense?

· Television talking heads sometimes need some, they all need plenty of education. Leslie Marshall, talk show host, doesn’t know that the Senate was added to the Constitution to represent states – not the average voter. The House was designed to represent the average voter. The division was to give the smaller states a leg up against the monster states. Wake up Leslie Marshall.

· So Newsom wants to restrict and take away guns which have clips which hold more than five rounds. That would eliminate almost all guns in California and criminalize the entire population. What are you going to do Newsom; throw the entire state in jail? Again, all laws restricting firearms are illegal under the Constitution. If you want to disarm the nation, take the 2nd Amendment out of the Constitution. See how far you get with that one.