A Sea Level Rise Conundrum – Greenland’s Cycles

By Stephen Frank

Al Gore has claimed, on his way to making hundreds of millions of dollars off the scam, that the sea is rising, polar bears no longer exist and climate change is going to kill us—shortly.  How soon?  Possibly after he makes his first billion off this canard.

“During the last 100 years, Greenland oscillated between gaining and losing ice. Its greatest loss raised sea level by 0.07 inches in 2012, about half the total sea level rise of 0.12 inches a year. That accelerated loss was trumpeted as just what climate models predict. However, Greenland’s melt rates then declined and by 2017 it was gaining enough ice to slightly reduce sea level rise.

Furthermore, the cause of rapidly melting ice since the 1990s was fewer clouds. Fewer summer clouds allow more solar heating and cycles of atmospheric circulation naturally alter cloud cover. In addition, researchers reported Greenland’s ice-free regions experienced various warming and cooling trends over the past 15 years, but concluded if there was any general trend, “it is mostly a cooling”. They also admitted they “cannot differentiate between anthropogenic forcing [in other words: warming from human added CO2] and natural fluctuations.”

Greenland was once a great agriculture area.  Then climate change, naturally, happened and it became a giant ice cube.  Al Gore and his buddies, including the Republicans supporting cap and trade, think by believing something is true is the same as it being true.  Hopefully they will grow up

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