California Doubles Down on Stupid

By Stephen Frank


AOC believes that getting rid of cars and planes will save the Earth.  As a professional bar tender, she does not know, even as a Member of Congress, that to do that would end all tourism in this country—even Disneyland would be destroyed.  Yet, not evidence other than junk science and paid for studies by conflicted academics and government socialists, are the proof needed for her.  Then you have the corrupt, Socialist government of California.

“Nevertheless, in order to help California “decarbonize,” the PUC wants to force all buildings and business operations to go all electric despite the tremendous cost and poor return on investment. Most people in this state are living from paycheck to paycheck. They can’t afford an electricity bill that is going to increase three times faster than their gas bill, nor the estimated $7,200 it will cost to convert the average home from gas to electric. Furthermore, electricity not only costs more, but we don’t have the grid capacity to go all electric, especially when you consider the higher voltage system required to recharge car batteries.

These people don’t realize that electricity is a secondary power source. It has to be produced by a primary source. Across America, fossil fuels are still the primary power source of 63 percent of all electricity. Moreover, solar and wind power sources, due to the intermittent nature of their output, must rely on natural gas for backup. Unless and until the state power sources are 100 percent renewable (which is going to take decades), why fool ourselves converting to all electrical appliances, as if electricity itself is green, when in reality the electricity is still being generated by fossil fuels?”

Will the people, at the ballot box, stop the corruption and the economic destruction of California?  If we don’t, learn to call yourself a Texan.

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