Oregon Legislature Votes To Essentially Ban Single-Family Zoning

by Stephan Frank


Usually it, is California that starts the crazy, anti-freedom movements.  In this case Oregon gets the award for killing off the American dream.  They are passing legislation to end single family housing zones.  Who benefits?  Developers building eight story apartments and current single family homeowners that, when signed into law, increases the value of their home because of the now government mandated limited supply.  Under socialism the rich get richer—and this is how they do it.

“The state’s House and Senate have now both passed a measure that requires cities with more than 10,000 people to allow duplexes in areas zoned for single-family homes. In the Portland metro area it goes a step further, requiring cities and counties to allow the building of housing such as quadplexes and “//medium.com/@pdx4all/cottage-clusters-portlands-chance-to-build-community-in-a-new-way-7c504c5b260b">cottage clusters” of homes around a common yard.

House Bill 2001 will now go before Gov. Kate Brown, a Democrat, who is expected to sign it. It had bipartisan support and was approved on the last day of a wild legislative session that saw some Republican senators flee the state over a climate bill.

Bi-partisan support?  Cap and Trade, which gives $500 million a year the train to nowhere scam by raising gas taxes to up to 72 cents a gallon on 1/1/20 also was bi-partisan seven Assembly Republicans supported this and killed off volunteers that thought the GOP stood for responsible tax policy and honest government.  Expect Sacramento Democrats to pass this and kill off our American dream.

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