YOU COUNT, Census Information

by Brian Price, CCP Census Coordinator


Do you know you will not receive a paper Census if you only receive mail at your PO Box?


But the census is important! Camptonville Community Partnership (CCP) represents our community as “Rural people working together for a safe, sustainable and healthy community”. In our effort to continue this goal, we feel it is vital that our community be represented in the Census. This year, CCP has partnered with Sierra Health Foundation and California Census 2020 to help the Yuba foothills be counted with on-line submissions.


Your participation in the census will inform how funding will support services in communities and schools over the next ten years. It will also help businesses make smart decisions on where to invest and open their doors. The Census information will also let investors and grantors know how many people live in a particular area.


The Census counts everyone regardless of immigration status. By law answers are kept confidential. The information is not shared with immigration or law enforcement agencies. We feel that we can achieve our goals with much more vigor as we intend to make better, and create more opportunity, for the people in our community.


CCP will have a traveling Census Kiosk setup in the Yuba foothills to assist with achieving 100% census participation in our communities. Starting in mid-March CCP will post dates and locations for Census Kiosks in your Yuba foothill neighborhood.  Please keep your eyes open for our flyers. For more information call or email me at 530-288-9355 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Honoring our civic duty to participate in the Census strengthens our communities. To learn more visit or