Could global cooling silently become a reality?

By Stephen Frank, the publisher and editor of California Political News and Views.


In 1976 Time magazine had a famous cover headline:  “Beware: THE ICE AGE IS COMING.  The promoters of global warming have been scam artists (Al Gore, high school drop outs with emotional problems—as outlined by her mother (Greta Thunberg), socialists AOC,  and Sanders)  To believe as they do they use junk science and refuse to admit history.


“The real climate crisis may not be global warming, but global cooling, and it may have already started. These events may not be an anomaly, but a predecessor of things to come:


Global warming is not science—it is politics.  It is the politics of greed and theft.    It is time for the scams to end—and return to honest education and politics.