Whiteaker: Too Many Stoplights On Hwy. 99, A Roundabout Is Not The Solution

Fourth District Sutter County Supervisor Jim Whiteaker  opposed the option of constructing a roundabout on Highway 99 at Oswald Road, although he does not believe any more stop lights should be placed on the highway south of Yuba City.


What is needed is a highway interchange, Supervisor Whiteaker said.


"We currently have nine traffic lights on Highway 99 heading south," he noted. "Way too many.


Every county to the south of us has overpasses. CalTrans and Sutter County need to work with the Sacramento Area Council of Governments (SACOG) to fund an overpass for future development."


Caltrans and Sutter County are currently considering options to improve traffic control on Highway 99 at Oswald Road. Options being considered range from a stop light to an interchange, and currently include a four-lane roundabout.


Supervisor Whiteaker said he is opposed to the roundabout option.


Roundabouts are designed for lower speed roadways, he said, and could increase the risk of accidents and fatalities during heavy rain and fog. He also said the roundabout could reduce response times for emergency vehicles, semi-truck trailers experience a higher rate of traffic accidents using roundabouts , and not all drivers know the proper procedure while using a roundabout, causing more confusion.


"Our residents who commute outside this County for work should have the best traveling conditions ," he said .