By Don Rae


  •  * AOC claims we have only 12 years left before the earth kills us all. Then why are the banks still issuing 30-year home loans?
  •  * It is too bad the “love” candidate Williamson won’t make the cut for the Democratic debate. Wouldn’t a face-off between her and Trump be a classic?
  •  * The federal bill sold to the public as a compassionate way to release from prison low level non-violent prisoners is a crock. The majority of releases so far have been sex offenders, murderers, armed robbers and the like. More lies from the government.
  •  * Listen to Kamala Harris’ diatribe on what she would do if President. It makes you wonder if she ever had a basic math class.
  •  * All the Democrats berate the Republicans for even suggesting that the intelligence community may get it wrong once in a while. Remember the Bay of Pigs?
  •  * The legislators and the governor have passed a bill that requires Californians to own and operate some 5million electric vehicles. Currently Californians have purchased around 600,000 zero emission vehicles.  The total rebate cost to reach the 5 million vehicle goal could be $16.5 billion. It’s not clear where the money would come from.
  •  * California would need 250,000 charging stations for just 1.5 million ZEVs. The state has 18,000 charging stations now. Private gas stations will disappear and be replaced by government financed/owned charging stations.  How many jobs will be lost? Worse, how much in gas tax money will be lost? Why isn’t the mainstream media commenting on this part of the story of climate change and environmentalism? Why isn’t the mainstream media doing that story?
  •  * Our illustrious Senator Kamala Harris wants to give Blacks money to buy houses. Only Blacks. Our tax money to subsidize one racial group in California. Who does Harris represent? Isn’t she the Senator for All Californians? Recall is in order.
  •  * San Francisco wants you to pay a quarter for a grocery bag. Can you think of another excellent way to save the planet? It shows what marijuana does to public officials’ brains.
  •  * Santa Barbara School District is about to hire a full-time environmental sustainability official – to do what? Indoctrinate students. Why not a good math teacher to educate students?
  • Under the Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act, most Americans who kill one of these birds would be subject to two years in prison. But the government forgives such crimes to corporations whose wind farms do the killing. Obama in 2011 exempted deaths by wind turbines from any penalty. Keep in mind, Obama exempted the killings.
  •  * Trump is being castigated for suggesting that the “Squad” be sent back to where they came from. The press has been merciless. Perhaps another interpretation is possible – one the mainstream media would never even think of. Send them back to their districts and have them clean up their own mess before coming to Congress and telling everyone else what to do. It is another example of “Superior is always right, especially when he is wrong” (Piedonese).
  •  * Now innocent citizens of California have to go through a background check to buy ammunitions. And they have to pay the government a fee to do so. To our knowledge there hasn’t been a single case of a bullet discharging itself and killing anyone. Another dumb assault on the 2nd Amendment, Again we say, if you want to restrict guns, then remove the 2nd Amendment from the Constitution. Otherwise knock it off.
  •  * Talk about climate change, or global warming, or whatever you want to call it. But be sure to review the evidence. The real evidence. Evidence you can see with your own eyes and feel with your own body. Is San Francisco under water? (No, but it is under poop and needles). Are folks dying by the millions in “excessive” heat? Have any doomsday predictions by so-called experts come to pass? Why did Gore buy a house by the ocean when it was supposed to inundate the property? We’ve seen through other frauds, why can’t we see through this one?
  •  * The $15 per hour minimum wage is catching fire. And it has already burned down one chain of restaurants in Seattle as they recently filed for bankruptcy. And Kamala Harris wants $20 an hour? Let’s just shut down the world and let Harris run everything.
  •  * The “squad” is arrogant and superfluous without revealing any symptoms of intelligence. (Newberg –“Fighting in the Great War”.)
  •  * Here’s a good idea to provide California with clean energy. Tear down hydroelectric dams. They only provide cheap electricity, irrigation water, recreation for the public and numerous environmental benefits. Tear down the Klamath River dams and who benefits: a few kayakers and a small group of coastal Indians. Whoever thought up this brilliant idea?
  •  * After listening to the entire Mueller hearings on July 24, it is apparent that we do not send the best and brightest to Congress. It is also apparent that the Congress is the dirtiest game in town.
  •  * Martha McCallum interviewed the Mississippi gubernatorial candidate recently on the subject of riding alone in a car with a female reporter. He told her that he would not ride alone with a female as it was only a potential set-up for future trouble. McCallum seemed to imply that such was sexist and crazy and said specifically that she would ride alone in a car with a strange man if she was on assignment as a reporter. Given the decades old accusations over unwanted sexual contact which are thrown about so freely these days, the candidate was being cautious and smart. It is too easy to rip a public figure and family to threads over something that is unverifiable which the press loves to cover in bold headlines.
  •  * Listening to the gaggle of Democratic Presidential candidates would lead one to justifiably believe that none of them love America and they hate their constituents. What a bunch of losers.
  •  * Nadler and Schiff are collectively guilty of elder abuse. What dunces to put on a public circus featuring  Robert Mueller. Not only were these two Democrats horses asses, but they destroyed the reputation of a wounded and decorated Vietnam Veteran.

A 45-day public comment period is open for the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection’s (CAL FIRE’s) proposed California Vegetation Treatment Program (CalVTP) and it’s Program Environmental Impact Report (PEIR).  This broad based initiative is designed to expand the pace and scale of CAL FIRE’s vegetation treatment targets in State Responsibility Areas (SRAs) to 250,000 acres per year by streamlining CEQA review.  

This is one of the state’s multi-pronged solutions to respond to the wildfire crisis in the Wildland-Urban Interface and focuses on protecting natural resources, reducing risk to lives and property, and reducing fire suppression costs when responding to a wildfire.


Additional information on CAL FIRE’s plan can be accessed at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Written comments to CAL FIRE must be received no later than Friday, August 9, 2019.

Comments may also be mailed to the following address: Board of Forestry and Fire Protection

Attn: CalVTP, PO Box 944246, Sacramento, CA 94244-2460

by Charlie McNiff


Antifa Terrorist Shot/Killed by Police In Attack at Tacoma ICE Detention Center


Willem Van Spronsen armed with a rifle, fire bombs attacking ICE Detention Center fatally shot by police.

The 69-year-old armed man shot by Washington state police as he attacked a local Immigration and Customs Enforcement detention center Saturday, July 13th  sent a manifesto to friends the day before the assault in which he wrote "I am Antifa," and was being lionized by members of the leftwing group as a "martyr."

The group Seattle Antifascist Action described assailant Willem Van Spronsen a "good friend and comrade" who "took a stand against the fascist detention center in Tacoma" and "became a martyr who gave his life to the struggle against fascism."

A friend, Deb Bartley, told the Seattle Times, that Van Spronsen was an anarchist and anti-fascist who, she believed, attacked the detention center intending to provoke a fatal conflict.

Van Spronsen was armed with a rifle and incendiary devices when he launched his assault on the Northwest Detention Center in Tacoma around 4 a.m. Saturday, according to the Tacoma Police Department. Employees reported he was throwing 'incendiary devices' and setting vehicles on fire and the first officers on the scene said he was wearing a sachet and carrying flares.

Van Spronsen was trying to ignite a propane tank when he was confronted by the officers, who opened fire. The Pierce County Medical Examiner’s office said he died of multiple gunshot wounds.

Several friends of Van Spronsen said they received a manifesto from him Friday calling the facility "an abomination" and asking "those burdened with the wreckage from my actions" to "make the best use of that burden."

In the manifesto, obtained by KIRO7, Van Spronsen said he wanted to make a statement at the facility.

"I regret that I will miss the rest of the revolution," he wrote. "Doing what I can to help defend my precious and wondrous people is an experience too rich to describe. I am Antifa."

Bartley told the Times she and other friends of Van Spronsen got letters in the mail "just saying goodbye," in addition to the manifesto.

"He was ready to end it," Bartley said. "I think this was a suicide. But then he was able to kind of do it in a way that spoke to his political beliefs. I know he went down there knowing he was going to die."

Van Spronsen was arrested last year for assaulting a police officer during a June 26 protest outside the same detention center, according to court records.

According to court documents, he lunged at a cop and wrapped his arms around the officer's neck and shoulders while the officer was trying to detain a 17-year-old protester, The News Tribune reported. When police handcuffed Van Spronsen they found he had a collapsible baton and a folding knife in his pocket, according to court documents.

Van Spronsen pleaded guilty to a charge of obstructing police and was released from custody in October.

Fox News' Sam Dorman and the Associated Press contributed to this report.

                                   ANTIFA Needs to be Branded

                                    A Domestic Terrorist Group

They call themselves ANTIFA…Anti-Fascist…but they are far from that description.  Actually, they are the ones that are the “fascists” when they bully people with their aggressive tactics that includes anything they can get their hands on to use as a weapon…all the while hiding in the most cowardly way behind a black cloth tied around their head as a mask.

It was that type of thugs that made headlines when they joined in the protest at UC Berkeley as they broke down barricades, tossed furniture through windows and then fire-bombed the inside of that building…all to stop a conservative to speak at that school.

In a separate incident, the same ilk of thug upended a wheelchair that left a service veteran sprawled on the ground.  There are many reported instances when Antifa “toughs” would “sucker punch” someone by coming up behind and punching a person…and the running away.  Really Cowardly!!!

One of their favorite ways of bullying is by kicking people when they’re down on the ground…such was the case of one victim in recent weeks that wound up in a hospital with a hemorrhage to the brain.

It is this type of confrontation…and twisted ideology that poisoned the mind of the Seattle Antifascist Action member that decided to make a “statement” and evidently become, in his own mind, a martyr, by carrying out his bomb plan at 4 a.m. in the morning…and to commit suicide by being shot by cops.  How tragic…and senseless

That’s why Antifa should be branded a Domestic Terrorist Group…before other minds are poisoned by anarchists and led down that unholy path.

Let’s get back to “Agreeing to Disagree” without needless violence!

from RCRC


In a change of course this week, Senate Banking Committee Chairman Mike Crapo (R-Idaho) said he would hold a hearing on the cannabis banking legislation known as the SAFE Banking Act in the near future.  Chairman Crapo has resisted a hearing on cannabis banking, arguing instead the issue should be addressed in the Senate Judiciary Committee through federal legalization.  

In April, Senator Crapo stated “as long as cannabis is illegal under federal law, it seems to me to be difficult for us to resolve this.”  Chairman Crapo expressed a change of heart this week in an interview with American Banker where he said he is “looking into” cannabis banking and that a hearing could be held “relatively soon.”

Some reports suggest the Senate Banking Committee could schedule a hearing before the August recess.  Chairman Crapo’s reversal is the latest sign of momentum behind the advocacy push to resolve the cannabis banking issue that prevents banks from providing financial services to cannabis related businesses.  The Chairman’s interview with American Banker was released a day after the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism, and Homeland Security held a hearing on “Marijuana Laws in America: Racial Justice and the Need for Reform.”  The hearing addressed the issue of marijuana reform more generally, but several members highlighted the prohibition on cannabis banking.  There was bipartisan consensus throughout the hearing that Congress should enact legislation to resolve the conflict between state and federal cannabis regulation but members remain divided on the best path forward.  Progressive Democrats are arguing for comprehensive reforms that legalize cannabis at the federal level, support minority owners of marijuana businesses, and reduce penalties for criminals with marijuana convictions.  In general, Republicans are more supportive of the SAFE Banking Act and the STATES Act, a bill that would grant states autonomy to impose their own cannabis policy.

Thursday, July 25th


The coming election year will prove to be one of the most important of your lifetime.  We, the Yuba-Sutter Constitutional Republicans, a chapter of the fully chartered California Impact Republicans, will not be sitting on our hands and crying woe over the dismal conditions in our once beautiful State.  We are here to fight for our Natural Rights, those given us prior to the establishment of any government.  We are a dynamic group with plenty of resources available to those to whom we will support this election cycle.  Last cycle we SPOKE, and people listened.

We will be having a general meeting and membership drive on Thursday, July 25th at the Rikard residence in Yuba City.  Our California GOP charter requires that membership be reserved only to registered Republicans, however, membership is not required to attend quarterly general meetings, please consider joining us.  Voter registration cards are available at the meeting for those ready to engage in the fight to keep our liberty.

Membership meetings occur monthly and general meetings, open to the public, are held quarterly.  Membership is $10/year payable in 2 year increments.  Each of our meetings are opened with an hour long lesson on our Constitution beginning at 5:30 PM, so if you love your rights and want to keep them first and foremost in your life, then you are welcome to attend.

Following our Constitutional lesson will be our regular meeting beginning at 6:30 PM.  Regular meetings are about an hour long with planning, support and information on what we will be doing for the next election cycle.  Your membership will gain you continuing education on the constitution, and the opportunity to act in restoring our Republic.  We educate to activate, so together we can reestablish the proper role of WE THE PEOPLE over government. 

For meeting location, email or leave a message with either

Tammie Rikard – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 530-701-2845


Bill Beeler – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 530-415-0343

By Don Rae


  •  * If the voters in the districts the “Squad” came from had any self respect and love for America, they would already have started recalls on all four. Pelosi should have already started proceedings in the House to throw them out. How about it, Garamendi? Do you support this group of undisciplined bullies?
  •  *  * The “Squad” needs to go back to their respective congressional districts and actually do something to fix them. Such would put them on the track to prosperity rather than listening to the ignorant useless flapping of lips which only shows how little they know about national affairs, in which they also have no experience.
  • Kamala Harris joined the bandwagon as she suggested that Trump go back where he came from. Why isn’t that comment racist? Because it was spewed out of the mouth of a Democrat. Gross hypocrisy with evil intent and appalling ignorance. Then again check out where she came from.
  •  * Stockton is using taxpayer money to develop a pamphlet advising illegal invaders how to avoid ICE. Shouldn’t a local government be using public money for valid reasons and for the American public’s benefit?
  •  * Thank you Facebook for printing the following lesson on American politics today: “Voters were told the lottery would be used to fix education. Then we were told the sales tax most go from 4% to 6% to provide money for education and fixing the roads. Then we were politicked to approve Indian casinos because we would get money for education and roads. Recently the politicians upped the gas tax and car registration to fix roads. Now we need to legalize marijuana to get tax money for roads and education. RESULT? Education in California is at the bottom of the list of all states. And the roads are getting worse by the day. Yet the politicians will continue to lie to us until the voters get smart and kick them out. Texas looks better and better – even with humidity.
  •  * Nadler is cut from the same cloth as Avanetti. A creep of the first order. He’s got nothing of importance in his “quiver” but can’t stand the idea of not having his face on TV. He thinks he is a reality star. He isn’t. A liar is what he is. You’ve had your fifteen minutes of fame, Nadler. Now buzz off.
  •  * California now has the highest gas taxes, and thus the highest gas prices, in the nation. This constant gouging hits the middle income and working poor the hardest; the former of which is shrinking and the latter of which is growing thanks to the Democrats' tax-everything-under-the-sun policies.
  •  * No wonder Hillary did so well in California and got enough votes to eclipse Trump. A recent study of the voter rolls in Los Angeles County finds that they have 1.6 million MORE voters on the rolls than they have eligible voters living in the area. “10 of the state’s 58 counties also have registration rates exceeding 100% of the voting age population. In fact, the voter registration rate for the entire state of California is 101%.” This means that L.A. is in violation of federal law, which seeks to limit fraud by requiring basic voter list maintenance to make sure that people who have died, moved, or are otherwise ineligible to vote aren’t still on the rolls. Los Angeles County has made only minimal efforts to clean up its voter rolls for decades. It began sending notices to those 1.6 million people last month to settle a lawsuit brought by the conservative watchdog group, Judicial Watch.
  •  * If California can be a sanctuary for those who violate immigration laws, then why can’t a California city use the same theory and be a sanctuary for the Constitution? Needles, a small desert community near the Colorado River this month declared itself a “Second Amendment Sanctuary City” a message that city leaders say is partly about support for gun rights and partly a desire to get an exemption from state laws so out-of-state gun owners can travel through town and residents can purchase ammunition. City officials say that California’s gun laws are prompting Arizona residents to stay out of Needles, hurting business in the town.
  •  * This is one of the most important pieces of legislation Garamendi supports: “Took bold action to address the climate crisis by passing H.R. 9, the Climate Action Now Act reaffirming the United States’ commitment to the Paris Climate Accord.What do you, his constituents, think about that?
  •  * What could go wrong?  Sacramento gave Modesto over $326,000 to plant 5,000 trees. But the city had botched the grant. It underestimated the cost of buying, planting and caring for the trees and nearly a quarter of the 2,900 trees the city planted, died. Well done Modesto.
  •  * Why does anyone need a replacement for Obamacare? There wasn’t anything before Obamacare. And Obama lied through his eye teeth about what his signature legislation would accomplish. Let the private sector sort it out. Government will only make things worse.
  •  * Iran says it will talk if the sanctions are lifted. Not a chance. Keep them on until they
  • Remember your history. President Woodrow Wilson, a Democrat, brought Jim Crow with him to Washington DC.
  • Well, the $15 minimum wage has really helped job seekers in Seattle. A restaurant chain has filed for bankruptcy from the impact of the Democrat’s policy agenda. Good work Democrats. Keep getting folks laid off. Then give them $500 a month for not working. That is certain to have them flocking to the polls to re-elect you.
  •  * Some random thoughts on things people used to believe. The earth is the center of the universe and the sun and planets revolve around it. The earth is flat. The Y2K scare. Global warming. The words are all different but the philosophy is the same. Ignorance and hysteria. What is real and verifiable is that the climate changes in its own good time and at its own pace. And it will until the end of time. Enjoy the change.

Marysville, Ca.


The City of Marysville Police Department was recently awarded State grant funding in the amount of $84, 269.00 over 32 months.  The grant was awarded by the California Department of Justice.  The purpose of this grant is to assist law enforcement in the education and enforcement of the illegal sale of cigarettes, vapor inhalation devices and other tobacco related products to minors.  Funding for this grant is made possible as a result of Proposition 56, the California Healthcare, Research and Prevention Tobacco Tax Act of 2016, which raised the cigarette purchase tax.  The Marysville Police Department will utilize this funding to aid in youth outreach, tobacco retail license inspections, training and compliance operations.  The Marysville Police Department is partnering with Yuba County Human and Health Services and the Marysville Joint Unified School District in an effort to reduce underage use of tobacco products through education.  The Marysville Police Department looks forward to working with community partners with the goal of promoting legal compliance within our City.   

Sacrament, Ca.


 The Rural County Representatives of California (RCRC) announced the launch of its Rural County Photo Contest for 2019. The third annual contest invites amateur photographers to capture life in rural California by showcasing the beautiful, vibrant imagery found in RCRC’s 36 member counties. 

The RCRC Rural County Photo Contest was created to promote tourism and local economic development through showcasing the beautiful landscape, scenery, activities, history, and charm of RCRC’s member counties. 

The RCRC Rural County Photo contest runs through July 31st 2019, and the winner will have their image displayed during RCRC’s Annual Meeting taking place September 25-27 in El Dorado County.  Photo entries should be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  All entries must include:

Ø      Location where the photo was taken, including the county in which it was taken; and,

Ø      Photographer’s full name and email address.

By Don Rae

  • Every left leaning talking airhead had tizzy fits over Trump talking with Kim. Since 1953 or so, no other US politician talked to North Korea’s leaders and what was the result? They started shooting rockets. So what’s the problem with trying something different?
  • Swalwell bailed out of the Presidential sweepstakes. He was the first to go. Why? He is a nothing. How he got elected to Congress is a mystery. The folks in Oakland ought to take a good look at themselves.
  • Jimmy Carter claims that Trump lost the election so the Russians installed him. Evidence, Jimmy?
  • Kamala, our Senator who is supposed to be representing California, not running for President, says Blacks need taxpayer money to buy a house. This idea is close to the sub-prime mortgage scheme of a decade ago. She also uses the “red-lining” language which is long in the past. Pandering for votes with a failed policy.
  • It makes some sort of sense for Democrats to want to wash out history. Let’s see a few examples. Democrats were against desegregation. They were key players keeping Blacks from voting. They filled the ranks of the KKK. They voted against civil rights and voting rights. Now they portray themselves as the protectors of Blacks?
  • Democrats go nuts because of a school mural depicting George Washington because it offends them. But they are perfectly okay with a museum art gallery depiction of Christ in urine. Funny what offends them.
  • Beto trotted over to Mexico as part of his Presidential campaign. Do Mexicans vote in our elections? His “constituents” told stories of how badly they are treated in their own country. Think about the foreign aid that the US pours into Central America and how none of it does any of the folks any good. Oh, the elite do quite well. But nothing gets to the people. Beto is clueless. Consider that he blames immigration on climate change. Tell that to the Pilgrims.
  • Antifa goons attack a conservative journalist in Portland. The police are ordered by the mayor to stand down. They just watch the attack. Recall of the mayor is the appropriate action for the voters of Portland to take. But the Democrats in Portland are too cowardly to take appropriate action. They care nothing for a free press or human rights. Disgusting.
  • Obama told us that illegal invaders would not be eligible for free medical care. Now all the Democrats are jumping around eager to spend our money taking care of the world’s health problems. They are nothing more than lying politicians hoping illegals will vote to keep them in office. Gross.
  •  * AOC claims ICE officers are telling illegal invaders to get their water out of the toilets? Really? Maybe she got her information from a coyote or child trafficker. It does make one wonder where mommies got their fresh water from in the thousand mile desert journey they freely engaged in, while dragging their deprived children with them.
  •  * If the New York Times thinks that the US is “just ok” then why don’t they just fold up shop and go to a country they feel is better. Colin Kaepernick’s stupidity about the “Betsy Ross” flag shows only how ill-educated he is. He has turned into an angry unemployed anti-American. Why should millions have to kow-tow to his illiterate mouthings?
  • Democrats hate charter schools because those institutions actually teach rather than indoctrinate.
  •  * Some US women soccer players turn up their noses at a White House invitation. Undisciplined spoiled brats. The White House is not about who lives there at any point in history.
  •  * Ecologists now claim that lack of trees causes climate change. Plant more trees. Didn’t they claim yesterday that fossil fuels were to blame? Make up your mind, you over educated boobs. You know though that some PhDs know more and more about something until they know everything about nothing.
  •  * Now the state legislature thinks it can make hair style the subject of anti-discrimination laws. What’s next? Finger nails? Nose rings? Clothing?
  •  * The article was sort of buried in the mainstream media, but the National Weather Service reports that high temperatures are lower than normal in Yuba/Sutter. It is definitely going to take longer for Marysville to get its ocean-front property. Doesn’t matter, though. According to AOC we’ve only got 12 years left.
  •  * But the mainstream media reminds us that 30 years ago the experts warned us that carbon dioxide emissions would raise average temperatures by some 3 degrees by 2019. Guess what? It never occurred. In fact, we have had fewer very hot days in the past decade. Still, the LA Times ran the old story again.
  •  * People get a bit itchy these days when there is talk of a mission to Mars. There are many who say that the money could best be spent on the homeless, the hungry, etc. What they seem to forget is the number of jobs created by the programs which means more folks are hired and can buy their own food and clothes. Of course, for some organizations and politicians such a result ruins their business models and so they are against the idea. The reality is that giving money to groups which continue failing isn’t the best idea in the world.
  •  * A comment on the “cut power” policy of PGE. Why should the entire population suffer to sustain folks who insist on living in high hazard zones and demand electricity? It’s the same philosophy of TSA patting down all folks to stop a dozen or so potential bad guys; demanding a fee and ID to buy ammunition; and other ridiculous laws designed to inconvenience and hassle innocent folks.
  •  * Just who does Kamala Harris think deserves reparations and how does she plan on distributing the cash? Perhaps she has some other ridiculous ideas to throw out into the atmosphere with her CO2 breath. Talk about inciting a riot, reparations would do it.

Rural County Representatives of California (RCRC) has conveyed its continued support of Senate Bill 167, authored by Senator Bill Dodd (D-Napa).  SB 167 would require electric utilities to mitigate the impact their deenergization events have Californians who rely on life-support equipment.  

In October 2018, over 60,000 residents in Amador, Butte, Calaveras, El Dorado, Lake, Napa, Nevada, Placer, Plumas, Sierra, Sonoma, and Yuba Counties had their power shut off for up to three days in order to mitigate wildfire risk associated with extreme weather conditions.  More recently, a PG&E deenergization impacted over 22,000 customers in Butte, Napa, Solano, Yolo, and Yuba Counties.  Some residents called 911 with emergencies ranging from requesting welfare checks on individuals whose care required electricity to requesting an ambulance because the caller’s husband was running out of oxygen.  These are the Californians SB 167 seeks to protect.

Rural areas are often populated by a higher percentage of elderly persons that rely on electricity to sustain vital health care needs.  RCRC believes that SB 167 will help mitigate the impacts of deenergization on those who rely on life-support equipment.

 SB 167 currently awaits consideration in the Assembly Utilities & Energy Committee. 


Last week, the House Small Business Subcommittee on Contracting and Infrastructure held a hearing on broadband mapping data in rural areas.  The subcommittee listened to testimony from a panel of rural broadband carriers on how broadband mapping data can be improved.

Accurate broadband mapping data is essential to closing the digital divide between urban and rural America.  While the federal government continues to increase public investment in rural broadband deployment, accurate data is required to determine where funding should be prioritized.  

In addition, rural carriers attempting to provide coverage for underserved areas are receiving misinformation on which areas are truly underserved.  “As long as broadband maps remain unreliable and riddled with erroneous, overly broad coverage claims, we will not be able to maximize our efforts to reach all unserved areas or to sustain services in areas where funding is needed to do so,” said Beth Osler, Director of Customer and Industry Relations at UniTel, a local carrier from rural Maine.  Dan Stelpflug, Director of Operation at the Engineering and Technology at Allamakee Clayton Electric Cooperative in Potsville Iowa, identified a separate issue with rural carriers.  Stelpflug pointed out rural carriers are not adequately staffed to identify and apply for federal grants administered by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).  Rural carriers also lack the staff to meet the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC’s) reporting requirements for projects funded by federal dollars.

Local and rural carriers are critical in closing the digital divide because they often served areas that are most underserved and most undesirable to nationwide carriers.  In recent years, the federal government has committed more assistance to deliver high-speed broadband coverage to rural areas but the FCC needs to improve its broadband mapping data and engage further with rural carriers.

By Don Rae

  • * A thought from Facebook – Break the law to enter college and you are expelled. Break the law entering the country and you get free college. Democratic logic.
  • * What’s worse? The Dems kill a bill for tuition assistance for children of service members killed in battle. Then they approve free tuition for illegal invaders. Just one example of how much the Dems care for Americans.
  • * Ilhan Omar, a Congresswoman from Middle America, has been siding with our enemies from the beginning of her tenure. Is that not newsworthy? Apparently the networks didn’t think so. They ignored a tweet sent recently in which she blamed America for Iran shooting down one of our drones. If she thinks it is so bad here she needs to go back to her country of Somalia. How in the world did we let her anywhere near our country, much less the Congress?
  • * AOC bite your lip. Quit adding to the CO2 in the atmosphere by your constant baying at the moon.      Quit and go back to school and actually learn something. It is possible there may be some teachers who actually make their living teaching instead of indoctrinating.
  • *What other politicians may be enemies of America? Try Pocahontas. She is developing a growing list of groups for whom she would support reparations. She also floated the idea of reparations to Native Americans, perhaps in hopes of herself getting some of that sweet victimization   money. Then there are slavery reparations. And, of course, Bernie Sanders and the other Democrat presidential candidates are stumbling all over each other to forgive student loan debt and saying they will make everything free. This behavior supports the proposal that disenfranchises those who are receiving “entitlements.” On food Stamps? No vote. Receiving section 8? No vote. Receiving free monthly income (Stockton and maybe Oakland)? No ballot. Those who receive free taxpayer money should not be able to vote for the dingbats who provide the money.
  • * So-called education experts are against children playing Dodge ball. Their teeny brains consider it an elimination game and their sloppy reasoning thinks elimination games are evil. No one should have their feelings hurt by not winning. Of course this type of thinking does not prepare children for the real world. Whoever awarded these clowns an education degree?
  • Swalwell got 18 snowflakes to his anti-gun rally. That’s 18 dimwits more than he deserved.
  • * Kamala Harris has a problem with the slogan, Make America Great Again. Perhaps she has a better slogan she’d like to share with us. Something like, Willie Brown’s “squeeze” to Senator in a few easy steps.
  • * Politicians and utility corporate executives, not to mention insurance employees, are trying to make everyone pay for the fire damage throughout California. The politicians gave permission to buy the land and build the houses. The conservationists wouldn’t allow a cleanup of the property. The utilities put hot wires in the midst of trees. Given these facts, who should pay for the damage? Folks who were smart enough to buy and build in safe areas of the state?
  • * Why is there no right or wrong or morality today? The answer is Hollywood.
  • * The Democrats have certainly changed their tune. In the past, the whole crop of present leaders were demanding a stop to unlimited immigration policy and illegal invaders must be curtailed. Bill Clinton was one of them. Moonbeam was another. And Joe Biden introduced legislation designed to slow down or stop the arrival of Vietnamese, way back. I guess these Democrats don’t have any solid beliefs. They just twist whichever way seems most beneficial at the moment.
  • * Surprisingly it wasn’t only Democrats who were playing the “Support Immigration” tune. Paul Ryan in 2015 said it would be wrong to curb Muslim immigration. We can check out the upper Midwest to see how well that position turned out. And we can look in Congress to see anti-Americanism from that part of the country.
  • * Frank Herbert wrote several volumes of the “Dune” series. In one of the series, he wrote a prophetic tome which we are seeing come to fruition in our political life today. “Power attracts the corruptible. Absolute power attracts the absolutely corruptible. This is the danger of entrenched bureaucracy to its subject population. Even spoils systems are preferable because levels of tolerance are lower and the corrupt can be thrown out periodically.  Entrenched bureaucracy seldom can be touched, short of violence. Beware when Civil Service and Military join hands.” How close are we to another civil war?
  • * On our cattle ranges, cowboys annually vaccinate calves. We wonder if any of the calves become autistic?
  • * Why do feminists ignore the intrusion of male transgenders into girl’s sports? Because if they do object they will have to admit that girls and boys are different, thus disproving their holy grail.
  • * The Supreme Court has ducked the ball on several cases on eliminating “toxic masculinity” in all its forms. Yet the entertainment industry produces show after show showing cops taking down bad guys with considerable violence. Do as I say, not as I do.
  • * The Amgen Bike Tour is a big event in California. What remains of the tour, however, is disgusting. The trash. More than what is tossed around by the homeless. Hopefully the supporters of the bicycles got it taken care of.
  • * Marion, Ohio school district kills off valedictorian and salutatorian awards to “support healthy competition.” Then they dance around praising all their sports figures success. Sports, but not academics? Idiots.
  • * Do you recall when paper bags were blamed for the destruction of millions of trees, thus destroying the forests and creating havoc with the soil. The world was definitely coming to an end.  The solution to the problem was plastic bags. Oh, how things have changed.



 The New California State movement announced Grievance 76 will be publicly declared at 11 a.m., Tuesday, July 9, 2019, in front of the Sutter County Courthouse (1175 Civic Center Blvd., Yuba City), Yuba County Government Center (915 8th Street, Marysville), Butte County Courthouse (1 Court Street, Oroville), and other courthouses and government centers in New California counties throughout California.

New California State is the formation of a new state by egregiously aggrieved United States’ citizens living in California who, to escape the lawlessness and tyranny of the state of California, are following the only Constitutional path to form a new state from an existing state.

New Californians have been declaring and publicly reading a new grievance against the state of California every Tuesday morning at 11 a.m. since declaring independence January 15, 2018.  

Grievance 74 was declared and read June 25, 2019:

Statement of Facts.  The people of California are suffering from a tyrannical state government which fails to provide a republican form of governance, enables and supports across its southern border the invasion of the United States of America by illegal foreign nationals, and protects vicious criminals who commit outrageous acts of violence upon the Citizens of America, all caused by a government of and for a mono-party system led by a tyrannical dictator who openly defies federal law.

The California State government repeatedly and egregiously violates:

  • Article IV, Section 4, of the United States Constitution, which decrees: “The United States shall guarantee to every state in this union a republican form of government, and shall protect each of them against invasion; and on application of the legislature, or of the executive (when the legislature cannot be convened) against domestic violence; and
  • Article VI of the U.S. Constitution, which decrees: “This Constitution, and the Laws of the United States which shall be made in Pursuance thereof; and all Treaties made, or which shall be made, under the Authority of the United States, shall be the supreme Law of the Land; and the Judges in every State shall be bound thereby, any Thing in the Constitution or Laws of any State to the Contrary notwithstanding.”


California’s mono-party political machine, its socialist governor, elected officials, agencies, and regional governance boards are engaging in lawlessness; routinely violate Article IV, Section 4, and Article VI of the U.S. Constitution; and actively engage in acts of insurrection against the U.S. Constitution.  

California’s socialist governor is leading the effort to dismantle the constitutional rule of law in California and the United States:

  • While the President was announcing the cessation of aid to Central American countries to stem the invasion of illegal foreign nationals into the United States, the California socialist governor was meeting with the president of El Salvador and stated, “California will assert itself if this administration wants to walk away.” International aid and immigration are handled by the federal government, but the socialist governor has shown an incredible ability to disregard tradition and violate the Constitution to forge forward with his own agenda.
  • As mayor of San Francisco in 2004, he openly violated state law and ignored the will of the people when he authorized his office to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples.
  • He has embarked on a pattern of ignoring existing law -- a pattern that has become more and more brazen, yet every bit as successful.
  • He was the face of the successful referendum to legalize marijuana in California in 2016. The next year, as a result, he took in hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from the cannabis industry, even though it was and continues to be illegal under federal law. Additional states have since followed California, and the U.S. Department of Justice thus far has not intervened.
  • He ignored federal immigration laws and declared California a sanctuary state.
  • He signed an executive order setting a moratorium on the death penalty, giving a reprieve to 737 criminals who had been given the death sentence through California’s judicial system. As in the past, this act came just three years after California voters rejected an initiative to end the death penalty, instead passing a measure to speed up executions. And it was just after he assured voters on the campaign trail that he would, in fact, enforce the death penalty.

The Declaration of Independence states, “Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.”  Without that consent, governments are tyrannies, unjustly handing out penalties with the stolen power they have seized by force or manipulation.  

Voices have been silenced.  The republic is dead in California. 

New California State citizens pray for the President to exercise his authority under the Insurrection Act of 1807 to end the tyranny foisted upon United States’ Citizens living in California State.

For more information, including New California’s Declaration of Independence and the weekly grievances:

Contact New California at (877) 828-2753

by Stephan Frank


Usually it, is California that starts the crazy, anti-freedom movements.  In this case Oregon gets the award for killing off the American dream.  They are passing legislation to end single family housing zones.  Who benefits?  Developers building eight story apartments and current single family homeowners that, when signed into law, increases the value of their home because of the now government mandated limited supply.  Under socialism the rich get richer—and this is how they do it.

“The state’s House and Senate have now both passed a measure that requires cities with more than 10,000 people to allow duplexes in areas zoned for single-family homes. In the Portland metro area it goes a step further, requiring cities and counties to allow the building of housing such as quadplexes and “//">cottage clusters” of homes around a common yard.

House Bill 2001 will now go before Gov. Kate Brown, a Democrat, who is expected to sign it. It had bipartisan support and was approved on the last day of a wild legislative session that saw some Republican senators flee the state over a climate bill.

Bi-partisan support?  Cap and Trade, which gives $500 million a year the train to nowhere scam by raising gas taxes to up to 72 cents a gallon on 1/1/20 also was bi-partisan seven Assembly Republicans supported this and killed off volunteers that thought the GOP stood for responsible tax policy and honest government.  Expect Sacramento Democrats to pass this and kill off our American dream.

By Stephen Frank


AOC believes that getting rid of cars and planes will save the Earth.  As a professional bar tender, she does not know, even as a Member of Congress, that to do that would end all tourism in this country—even Disneyland would be destroyed.  Yet, not evidence other than junk science and paid for studies by conflicted academics and government socialists, are the proof needed for her.  Then you have the corrupt, Socialist government of California.

“Nevertheless, in order to help California “decarbonize,” the PUC wants to force all buildings and business operations to go all electric despite the tremendous cost and poor return on investment. Most people in this state are living from paycheck to paycheck. They can’t afford an electricity bill that is going to increase three times faster than their gas bill, nor the estimated $7,200 it will cost to convert the average home from gas to electric. Furthermore, electricity not only costs more, but we don’t have the grid capacity to go all electric, especially when you consider the higher voltage system required to recharge car batteries.

These people don’t realize that electricity is a secondary power source. It has to be produced by a primary source. Across America, fossil fuels are still the primary power source of 63 percent of all electricity. Moreover, solar and wind power sources, due to the intermittent nature of their output, must rely on natural gas for backup. Unless and until the state power sources are 100 percent renewable (which is going to take decades), why fool ourselves converting to all electrical appliances, as if electricity itself is green, when in reality the electricity is still being generated by fossil fuels?”

Will the people, at the ballot box, stop the corruption and the economic destruction of California?  If we don’t, learn to call yourself a Texan.

Sacramento, Ca.


Assemblyman James Gallagher (R-Yuba City) today issued the following statement in response to AB 78, a Budget Trailer Bill that establishes a penalty for those not having health insurance in California:

“I am opposed to the proposed tax penalty in the budget for anyone not purchasing health insurance. The idea that we should mandate under threat of a fine or penalty that you purchase health insurance, or any product/service for that matter, runs counter to our American values and any concept of personal freedom. And the idea that it is “necessary” to bring down the costs of healthcare and premiums is just laughable at this point.

“Since we embarked on this failed Obamacare experiment has anyone seen their costs go down? Does anyone charge less? Have your premiums gone anywhere but up? So why are we doubling down on this in California. Same old story: Government gets bigger and more intrusive and you pay more.”

The penalty imposed for violating the rule to carry health coverage equals the greater of (1) $695 per adult plus $347.50 per child, up to a maximum of $2,085 or (2) 2.5 percent of a household’s modified adjusted gross income above the filing threshold, up to a maximum of the average cost of a bronze plan on the California exchange.

For more information on Assemblyman Gallagher, and to track legislation visit

Marysville, Ca.

 A state-of-the-art education facility and programming focused on the Yuba River as the foundation for the experience is closer to becoming a reality after Yuba Water Agency’s board of directors today unanimously approved moving forward with the next stages of planning and development.

The overarching goals of the Yuba Watershed Experience are to improve Yuba County’s quality of life and economic prosperity through enhanced education, and spark community pride while creating opportunities to learn about, explore and develop an appreciation for the natural resources in this region.

“With this project, we are dreaming the way the founders of our agency dreamed when they built New Bullards Bar Dam 60 years ago,” said Yuba Water Agency board chairman Brent Hastey. “This facility may very well turn out to be the most impactful thing we can do to truly transform Yuba County for the better.”

Yuba Water Agency is currently partnering with the Yuba County Office of Education, Yuba Community College District, South Yuba River Citizens League and the Yuba River Endowment to plan and develop the Yuba Watershed Experience program and center. The advisory group has met several times and toured similar facilities, such as Sonoma Water’s Westside Water Education Center.

The educational goals of this center are to enhance educational opportunities for the residents of Yuba County, with curriculum opportunities in science, technology, engineering, art, math, environment, culture and history, without creating resource or funding constraints for the schools.

The programs and facility will target audiences including K-12 schools, college students, as well as career preparatory programs. The K-12 programs will be taught by certificated teachers, and will be designed to meet California’s curriculum standards to ensure that they assist the schools in programming and ease the burden on the teachers.

“The information students will learn at the education center will be so impactful that it will trickle down through many generations,” said Amy Nore, communications coordinator for the Yuba County Office of Education. “I feel this will continue to be a blessing to Yuba County as it inspires our children to gain a sense of pride and connection to our community. Our hope is that as our students turn into adults, they might have a stronger desire to live and work in Yuba County.”

The next steps are to evolve the concept further by reaching out to community partners and educators to further understand needs and how to best accomplish collective educational goals. And while the water education facility concept is in its infancy, the hope is to be able to bring water-related programming into local schools immediately.

“When we participate in the future, and invest in our community and our children’s future, we can’t lose,” said Yuba Water Agency Director Mike Leahy.

by John Mistler

Brownsville, Ca.

A  press release from the North Yuba Water Alliance states, " State confirms that the North Yuba Water District is under investigation. The California State Water Board's division of Financial Assistance and the Office of Enforcement  confirmed today that they are currently investigating North Yuba Water District."

North Yuba Water District (NYWD) General Manager, Jeff Maupin said, We are not aware of any investigations. When applying for the Prop 1 planning grant we were walked through the process with the water board. No indication of a problem."

Ailene Voisin of the State Water Board said, "In general, the allegation is that North Yuba Water District fraudulently applied for and obtained a $500,000 Prop 1 planning grant. There are some additional allegations of fraud related to the contracts administered with those funds. We are conducting interviews and will have a better idea of what the allegations are after the interviews are completed. At this point, that consists of reviewing documents and other information in our possession.


The new law of the land and It was signed into law in 2010 under then President Barack Hussein Obama.

It's known under many different names:

  • The Dodd-Frank Act.
  • Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act
  • Public Law 111–203
  • H.R. 4173
  • Bank Bail-In (Google this search phrase: Dodd–Frank Bail–In)

The law states that U.S. banks may take its depositors funds (i.e. your checking, savings, CD's, IRA & 401(k) accounts) and use those funds when necessary to keep itself, the bank, afloat.

That means:

  • if your bank makes bad investments in derivatives
  • or makes bad loans to sub-prime borrowers
  • or manages the bank poorly and can’t service its debt
  • or even worse the U.S. economy has another 2008 collapse

Instead of that bank going bankrupt and the banks assets sold off to be given back to its depositors…

Now the bank simply keeps your money and guess what? The bank is no longer bankrupt.


Feather River Tea Party Meeting July 1, 2019

Yuba City, Ca.

 The Feather River Tea Party Patriots announced their meeting will be celebrating Independence Day with their annual potluck social at 6:00 pm.  The Feather River Tea Party will provide fried chicken, chips, and refreshments.  If you plan to attend and your last name begins with the following initial, please provide:  A-P Salad or Side Dish or Q-Z Dessert.

Don’t forget – Our regular feature In The News with Paul Preston, Agenda 21 Radio Host and President of the New California State movement, will follow.  Paul will be discussing events of the day.

There is no membership requirement to attend and everyone is welcome.  Doors open at 5:30 pm; potluck begins promptly at 6:00 pm. Come early to register, socialize with like-minded patriots, and get a good seat. 

The meeting will be Monday, July 1, 2019, at the Crossroads Community Church, 445 B Street, Yuba City, CA 95991.

Contact Larry or Carla at (530) 755-4409

Visit the Feather River Tea Party online at