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CALIFORNIA RESIDENTS~ sign the RECALL NEWSOM petition approved by CA Secretary of State (SOS). Online petitions are not legal in California to conduct recalls. Link and instructions below. There’s a donate button you don’t have to donate scroll a little further to the download button. Make sure to follow directions.


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Brownsville, Ca.


In a major milestone for the Forbestown Ditch Piping Project, the North Yuba Water District (NYWD) Board of Directors approved the Project plans and scope of work during a special meeting earlier this month.


Approximately two years ago, NYWD received a $500,000 planning grant from the California State Water Resources Control Board “Prop 1 funds” to complete this engineering phase of the Project, including creation of a construction plan and final construction budget, now estimated at $10 Million.


With help from a second grant, awarded Monday, September 23, 2019 from the Yuba Water Agency for $225,000, the Project will continue uninterrupted into permitting and environmental reviews, the final phase before construction.

Originally dug in the 1860’s, the Forbestown Ditch is an unlined, open canal, approximately 10 miles long. The Ditch conveys water to the NYWD Treatment Pond, and is the sole source of drinking water for approximately 3,100 residents of Brownsville, Challenge, Rackerby and Forbestown.


Moving to a piped Ditch will lower the possibility of breaches like the those recently experienced in 2017 and 2018. A piped Ditch will also save a significant amount of water lost from seepage and evaporation, increase the amount of water available for customers and eliminate a vast majority of dirt, trash and contamination from entering the treatment pond.


“Our customers have endured massive blowouts on the Ditch, and periods of uncertainty with their drinking water,” said NYWD General Manager, Jeff Maupin. “Piping the Ditch was literally a ‘pipe dream’ until a few years ago. Now through the actions of our Board of Directors and the availability of Prop 1 funds, piping the Ditch is finally a possibility.”


NYWD was recently designated as a Severely Disadvantaged Community (SDAC) with an annual median household income less than 60 percent of the Statewide annual income. Potential funding sources to complete the construction include an additional Prop 1 grant of up to $5 Million from the State and a matching grant of up to $5 Million from the Yuba Water Agency.


“This is truly an historic project for the North Yuba Water District,” said Randy Fletcher, Yuba County Supervisor and Yuba Water Agency Director, “when you consider the Ditch was constructed when Abraham Lincoln was President, these residents are long overdue for a safe, secure way to receive their water.”


The Forbestown Ditch has quite a storied past. First called the “Miner’s Ditch,” the Ditch and the District have changed ownership and names several times, and weathered numerous epic blowouts over its 150 years. Historical photos of the “Miner’s Ditch” are on the NYWD website, and an actual segment of an old wooden flume, used to repair a breached segment of the Ditch, is on display at the Forbestown Museum.


For more information about the NYWD, visit

Maan Brings Years of Policy & Leadership Experience to 4th District Race

Yuba City, Ca.


 Former Yuba City Councilman Tej Maan today announced that he is a candidate for the Sutter County Board of Supervisors District 4 seat.  The seat will become open when incumbent Supervisor Jim Whiteaker retires at the end of his current term.  

“I'm proud to announce my campaign to be the next Sutter County 4th District Supervisor," stated Maan.  "I have had the honor and privilege of serving the residents of Sutter County in local elective office for two four year terms on the Yuba City Council and working together we have made important progress for Sutter County.  In my time in local government, we promoted transparency, accountability and built trust - I'm looking forward to building upon that trust and support again in my race for Supervisor and am prepared to dedicate myself full-time to the job."  

With extensive leadership experience and service in the local region, in addition to two terms on the Yuba City Council, Maan has also served as: President of the Yuba-Sutter Fair Board, Ambassador to the Yuba-Sutter Chamber of Commerce, Chairman of the American Red Cross Board, Member of the Yuba-Sutter General Plan Advisory Committee, a Yuba-Sutter Lead Graduate and he has held leadership roles in many other community service organizations.  Currently, Maan serves as Vice-President of the Yuba City Kiwanis as well as a member of the Yuba-Sutter Chamber Board of Directors and remains active in several volunteer organizations.

While serving on the Yuba City Council Maan stressed that some of his main accomplishments were: bringing leadership focus to repairing long-neglected levees to ensure the safety of our communities.  Prioritizing public safety to ensure law enforcement had the tools needed to push back against gang activity and keep our neighborhoods safe.  Promoting economic growth by attracting business and jobs through smart zoning planning and promoting a pro-business leadership climate. 

A long-term resident and community leader, Maan and his wife make their home in Yuba City where he continues the family legacy of farming and community service.  The primary race for Sutter County Supervisor District 4 is scheduled for March 3, 2020 - candidate filing will begin on November 11, 2019 and close December 6, 2019.

For additional information about Tej Maan and his campaign for Sutter County District 4 Supervisor visit: or call Tej directly at: (530) 300-7800.

Marysville, Ca.


 In an effort to reduce the risk of catastrophic wildfire in the Yuba County foothills and preserve the critical water supply of the Yuba River, Yuba Water Agency  approved a $45,000 grant to launch a Firewise USA Site Activation Program.  

The Yuba Watershed Protection and Fire Safe Council will manage the program, which is designed to assist rural residents in collectively improving the fire resistance of their homes, properties and community, and completing the necessary requirements to become a Certified Firewise USA Site.


“Not unlike the water conservation program we offer in the valley, this is a way Yuba Water Agency can help residents directly,” said Yuba Water Agency Vice-Chairman Randy Fletcher. “By encouraging and sponsoring these Firewise sites, we are reducing the risk for the people who live in the foothills, and protecting our precious water resources at the same time.” 

A certified Firewise USA Site can range anywhere from eight to 2,500 residences, and can be a street, subdivision, homeowner association, or other geographical location, as determined by the residents. Certified sites are formed to improve the fire resistance of neighborhoods, protect watershed health and reduce the negative environmental and water quality impacts that a wildfire could have in the area. 


While residents can perform much of the work necessary to become a certified Firewise Site, those efforts also require specific support from trained defensible space advisors, geographic information systems (GIS) specialists and registered professional foresters or fire scientists.


The funds from Yuba Water’s grant will be used for developing fire hazard and risk assessments, GIS mapping, program outreach and training for the defensible space advisors. 


Another portion of the grant will be used to bring the National Fire Protection Association’s Take Action - Teens for Wildfire Safe Communities program to the foothills, which is designed to get teens involved in the process of helping communities be better prepared for a wildfire event. 


“This funding will jumpstart a program that we desperately need in order to make significant improvements on the ground in our rural neighborhoods,” said Steve Andrews, coordinator for the Yuba Watershed Protection and Fire Safe Council. “So many of our foothill residents want to put the work in to get their defensible space in order, but they often don’t know exactly how to go about it. This grant will give us the resources to help advise and encourage these folks to work individually and together as neighbors to make a difference.”   


Yuba Water Agency is able to fund efforts like this to reduce fire risk because they improve water supply and reduce the negative water quality impacts that a wildfire could have on the Yuba River Watershed. 


For people interested in creating a firewise site visit or contact the Yuba Watershed Protection and Fire Safe Council at 530-288-9355. 


Additionally fire districts are able to purchase swift water rescue equipment.

Two local fire districts will be better equipped to respond to water-related emergencies along the Yuba River with the help of funding from Yuba Water Agency.


As part of the Bill Shaw Rescue Equipment and Training Grant Program, Yuba Water today approved two grants, worth up to $10,000 each, for Linda Fire Protection District and Olivehurst Fire Department, to help them purchase new swift-water rescue equipment. Much of the districts’ current rescue equipment is outdated and in need of replacement.


“These fire departments provide critical rescue and emergency services for Yuba County residents and people recreating along the Yuba River,” said Yuba Water Agency Board Director Andy Vasquez. “Now they will be even better equipped to respond to dangerous, swift-water situations.”


Linda Fire Protection District will purchase technical rescue equipment, ropes and associated hardware.


The Olivehurst Fire Department will use the grant to replace outdated ropes and purchase additional swift water rescue gear. 

Like all Bill Shaw grants, the agency is able to make these funds available because the first-responders may be called upon to provide emergency support to the agency’s facilities and staff, or to people recreating at its lakes or on the Yuba River. 


Yuba Water Agency’s Bill Shaw Rescue Equipment and Training Grant Program, which was created in 2018, is designed for first-responder agencies in Yuba County and will cover the one-time costs of up to $10,000 per applicant annually, associated with the purchase of rescue equipment and specialized personnel training. Since its inception, the program has supported 14 agencies with $158,500 in grants.  

Would Require Trump to Reveal Tax Returns

By Stephen Frank


Democrats tried to abuse the law and the voters by creating a new “law” to stop Donald Trump from being on the California Primary ballot.  It would not have mattered—he would have been on the General Election ballot anyway.  But, the real reason they tried this is that they wanted the DEPRESS/SUPPRESS Republican turnout in the primaries.  Why?  To use the disgusting Top Two (prop. 14) to get as many Democrats on the November ballot and eliminate Republican candidates.  That is how Russia runs its election—government decides who is allowed to run.  What is the difference between Sacramento and Moscow?  Moscow gets a lot of snow, Sacramento gets a lot of heat.


“England had peppered lawyers for California with questions about the law, which, while applying to presidential and gubernatorial candidates, was openly aimed by California leaders at Trump, who has refused to reveal his taxes. Trump, defying modern custom of presidential candidates releasing tax returns, has blamed an ongoing audit. But critics contend nothing would stop him from disclosing his tax returns.


The judge questioned whether California’s law is preempted by federal law, the Ethics in Government Act, that requires certain financial disclosures by presidential candidates. He also expressed doubt about the law’s compliance with the Constitution’s qualifications clause and suggested allowing California to set specific standards for candidates would lead to “a hodge podge” of different requirements by states.”


by Jon Coupal 


The Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association and retired state Senator and Judge Quentin L. Kopp prevailed Monday (26) in a lawsuit to invalidate Senate Bill 1107, a 2016 California law that would have allowed political campaigns to be financed with taxpayer dollars.


“California voters passed Proposition 73 partly to prohibit taxpayer dollars from being used as political slush funds,” said Jon Coupal, President of HJTA. “If politicians want to change that, they have to take the issue back to the voters.”

In a unanimous decision, the Third District Court of Appeal ruled that voters outlawed public funding of political campaigns when they adopted Proposition 73, co-authored by Kopp, in 1988.


Proposition 73 provided, “No public officer shall expend and no candidate shall accept any public moneys for the purpose of seeking elective office.” Senate Bill 1107 would have provided instead that “a candidate may expend or accept public moneys for the purpose of seeking elective office.” The Legislature, in passing Senate Bill 1107, included a finding that the bill furthered the purposes of Proposition 73. The Court of Appeal rejected that finding.


Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association opposed SB 1107 and consistently opposes public funding of campaigns.

HJTA and Kopp are represented by Charles H. Bell, Jr., a leading California political law attorney with the firm of Bell, McAndrews and Hiltachk; Anthony T. (Tom) Caso, with the Center for Constitutional Jurisprudence; and Allen Dickerson, with the Center for Competitive Politics.

Friday September 13, 2019 the United States Department of Justice filed a “Statement of Interest” in the U.S. District Court agreeing with the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association (HJTA) in its legal action against California’s so-called “CalSavers” program. Originally called “Secure Choice,” CalSavers is a state-run retirement plan for private-sector employees. HJTA contends that it is an illegal program that leaves taxpayers, businesses and private sector employees exposed to unnecessary costs and risks.

“We are very pleased that the United States Department of Justice agrees with our core position that the program is facially invalid under the federal Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA).” said HJTA president Jon Coupal.

He added, “There is no need for this program. Private employees already have access to Social Security which is backed by the Full Faith and Credit of the federal government. Moreover, individual retirement accounts (IRAs) are easy to set up. Given the poor performance of CalPERS and CalSTRS, both in terms of investment performance and governance, why would we give state politicians and bureaucrats access to another pension program?”

The case is currently pending in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of California.

Brownsville, Ca.


A presentation by Northstar Engineering was given to the North Yuba Water District and the public at a special meeting on September 10, 2019.  The presentation was the first step toward beginning the Forbestown Pipeline Project.


The board was asked to accept the engineering specifications and plans for the project. The goals of piping the ditch were explained as  #1 Conserve water through stopping seepage and evaporation.  #2 Preventing water contamination from the environment including animal waste.  #3 Stop ditch blow outs.  The plans call for access to water in the pipeline every 1,000 feet. This could be used for fire in an emergency. The vote to accept the engineering plans and specifications  was unanimous.

AB 5 Kills Independent Contracting and Flexible Hours


Along party lines, Sacramento Democrats ended millions of Californians’ ability to earn a living while working flexible hours that fit their schedules. Citing the support of groups that received special exemption from the legislation, Sacramento Democrats passed Assembly Bill 5, a measure to redefine the definition of “employee” and require millions of independent contractors to be classified as employees.


“California has become a hostile place to do business,” Senator Jim Nielsen (R-Tehama) said. “Tonight, the Legislature turned this hostility toward millions of independent contractors. With the exception of a few professions, Assembly Bill 5 will restrict a worker’s ability to work flexible hours that fit their needs.”


Specifically, AB 5 would codify and apply the state Supreme Court’s misguided decision in Dynamex Operations W. v. Superior Court, which prohibits independent contracting unless very restrictive conditions are met. The burden of proof is placed on employers.


Senator Nielsen added, “The quality of life will change for many families who rely on the flexibility to tend to children and/or their elderly relatives. North state residents have loudly expressed their concerns.”


Senator Nielsen’s office received 770 correspondences regarding AB 5 and only 33 supported this measure. AB 5 now moves back to the Assembly for concurrence, before heading to the Governor’s desk for his decision, and he is expected to sign it into law.

On September 9, 2019 at approximately 7:30 a.m. the Yuba County Marijuana Enforcement Team with assistance from the NET-5 drug task force, served a search warrant at an illegal cannabis cultivation site located in the Deadwood Creek area near La Porte Rd and Juniper Lane, in Strawberry Valley.


188 marijuana plants were located in the creek bed, along with pumps in the creek that were being used to water plants; and an illegal water diversion to capture water for the pumps. No suspects were located at the site.

Marysville, Ca.


The Yuba County Board of Supervisors this week passed the final $227 million 2019-20 budget, which sets aside more funds to guard against any future downturn in the economy.


In a presentation at the September 10 Board meeting, Yuba County Administrator Robert Bendorf noted the Reserve Fund reached historical highs of $3.7 million—a $1.6 million increase from the 2018-19 budget. He said that puts reserves at 11 percent of the General Fund, exceeding the county’s policy level of 5 percent and going beyond the Board’s stated goal of 10 percent.


In addition, the budget also includes a newly-adopted $1.5 million Fund for Economic Uncertainties.

Other notable facets of the budget include:


  • $250,000 in additional funds is set aside for the pension liability fund established earlier this year.
  • Half a million dollars in one-time funding goes to the County Capital Improvement Fund for future technological enhancements or replacements of aging public administration and public safety legacy systems.
  • Code Enforcement receives an additional $300,000 in one-time funding to help address complaints related to homelessness, blighted properties and other activities. 
  • Bendorf said the budget sets the stage to effectively serve Yuba County residents, having met the goals of the Board while also looking to the future of making Yuba County a thriving place to live, work, and play.

 The tentative budget was adopted in June of this year, to meet mandated requirements to have a budget in place by the July 1 start to the fiscal year. The adoption of the final budget consistently occurs in September, after the county is able to get better estimates on funding sources and anticipated expenses.


 The final budget now heads to the county Auditor-Controller’s Office, which will file the document with the state Controller’s Office by December 1. The final budget will be posted on the website shortly after this process is completed.


Yuba City, Ca.


 The Feather River Tea Party Patriots announced Tom Del Beccaro, will be the Guest Speaker for their next meeting, Monday, September 16, 2019.


feather river Tom Del BeccaroTom Del Beccaro is an acclaimed author, speaker, and currently a columnist for Fox NewsFox Business, and the Epoch Times.  He is publisher of, running daily commentaries along with other columnists.

As a radio and television commentator, Tom makes over 325 radio and TV appearances each year across the country that are heard and seen by millions. Tom has appeared Fox & Friends, Fox Business News, Newsmax, OAN, the Wall Street Journal’s Opinion Journal and on KRON4 in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Tom is best known for his insightful commentary and public speaking on topics ranging from foreign policy to economic reform. By placing “the part in light of the whole,” Tom provides readers and listeners alike with a greater understanding of our times.

Tom is the former Chairman of the California Republican Party, was the Republican Party County Chairman of Contra Costa for three terms, and served as President of all 58 Republican Party County Chairmen in California.  In 2016, he ran for the United States Senate in California and defeated now U.S. Senator Kamala Harris in a statewide post-debate poll.


In addition to, and the Epoch Times, Tom’s opinion pieces have appeared in Forbes, Investor's Business Daily,, The Weekly Standard, Politico, The, USA Today, the Washington Times, the Sacramento Bee, The Orange County Register, The San Francisco Chronicle, and He has made thousands of radio appearances across the country and national shows on, NewsMax and with such hosts as Lars Larson and the Dennis Prager Show.


His first book, “The New Conservative Paradigm,” is now in its second edition.  Tom’s newest book, “The Divided Era,” has garnered praise from many, like pollster Frank Luntz who said it “could define” presidential elections.


Tom lives in the San Francisco Bay Area and is a licensed Attorney, practicing business and real estate law.


Don’t forget – Our regular feature In The News with Paul Preston, Agenda 21 Radio host and President of the New California State movement, will follow our Special Guest Speaker.  Paul will be discussing events of the day.


There is no membership requirement to attend and everyone is welcome.  Doors open at 6:00 pm; meeting begins promptly at 6:30 pm. Come early to register, socialize with like-minded patriots, and get a good seat.


The meeting will be Monday, September 16, 2019, at the Crossroads Community Church, 445 B Street, Yuba City, CA 95991.


Visit the Feather River Tea Party online


Contact Larry Virga or Carla Virga at (530) 755-4409

Disbursements will provide support to local homeless service providers


The Sutter Yuba Homeless Consortium (SYHC) is a coalition comprised of community-based organizations, faith-based organizations, local governments, and homeless advocates. The mission of the Sutter Yuba Homeless Consortium is to coordinate services to provide a continuum of care and maximize resources to better serve individuals and families experiencing homelessness in Sutter and Yuba Counties.

SYHC has been allocated $2,565,989.96 from the State of California’s Homeless Emergency Aid Program (HEAP). Additionally, SYHC has received $840,764 from Round 1 of the California Emergency Solutions and Housing (CESH) program. These long-awaited funds will assist homeless service providers in Sutter and Yuba Counties in expanding and enhancing vital services, including the development of new shelter and housing programs.


HEAP award recipients:

Habitat for Humanity                      $365,229

Regional Housing Authority             $690,000

Sutter County                                  $300,000

The Salvation Army                         $920,000

Yuba County Displaced Youth          $139,100

14 Forward                                        $35,000


CESH award recipients:

Adventist Health/Rideout                $100,000

Casa de Esperanza                           $135,000

The Salvation Army                         $294,490

Hands of Hope                                $149,745

Sutter County                                  $119,490



Lifelong local resident and owner of the Brick Coffee House Café in Marysville, Don Blaser, will run for Yuba County Board of supervisors, District 2, representing the Marysville area.


Don and Lavina Blaser TerritorialAs a third-generation farmer, Blaser worked with the family farming operations in Yuba, Sutter and Butte counties for 15 years until taking the position as Purchasing Agent and evolving into Vice President and Controller of Yuba City Steel Products. 16 years ago, after three decades at Yuba City Steel Products, Blaser, and his wife Lavina, made a major change, choosing to invest in the community they loved, by moving to downtown Marysville and opening the Brick Coffee House Café.


“Investing in Marysville just felt like the right thing to do,” said Blaser. “Lavina and I had our first date at the State Theater, our engagement party at the Lotus Inn and we frequented all the shops like Bradley’s, Schneider’s and Putman’s. I truly feel that Marysville is a hidden gem and deserves a chance to be great again.”


“When we started the Brick, this building was in disrepair and transients had taken over the patio area,” said Blaser. “It was so bad, that when Lavina cleaned the floor, everyone thought we had installed a new one! These 16 years have not been easy, but we are proud of what we’ve done for downtown.”


Blaser is Past President of the Marysville Business Improvement District and a former board member of the Yuba-Sutter Chamber of Commerce. He currently sits on the Marysville Joint Unified School District Career Technical Education Advisory committee and the Yuba-Sutter Employment Development Department Economic Development Strategy committee.


Blaser attended Sutter High, Yuba College and graduated from UC Davis with a degree in Agricultural Economics.


Blaser’s experience with agriculture, business, government and Marysville give him the perfect background to lead as Supervisor for this District.


“I have a good relationship with City Hall and I think I can contribute to communications between the County and City to work on our biggest issues,” said Blaser. “I’ll be trying to help find solutions to reduce crime, increase tourism and tax revenue and invest in road repairs and infrastructure. It’s all tied together.”


“Marysville is certainly not boring,” said Blaser. “In a world with a lot of vanilla towns, we are more rocky road. We are still the arts and culture hub of the region and I truly feel we can be the jewel of Yuba County again.”


Don and Lavina recently celebrated 50 years of marriage. They have two children and four grandchildren. To learn more about Don, stop by the Brick anytime!

Yuba City, Ca.


Yuba City Councilmembers voted unanimously on Tuesday, August 20, to approve a 10-year waste management contract with Recology Yuba-Sutter. This final agreement has morphed significantly since the award of the bid to Recology in early 2018, reflecting the direction of the new council to bring the rates in line with neighboring jurisdictions, remove excessive requirements and give choice back to residents.


 “The revised and improved contract with Recology is the product of a great deal of hard work, negotiation, and analysis.  The contract is fair, reasonable, and contemporary with current state laws and regulations,” said Yuba City Mayor, Shon Harris. “I’m extremely appreciative of Recology for the professionalism and good faith they’ve shown throughout this process.”


 “I’m happy that the City Council worked together to make the right decision in the best interest of the citizens of Yuba City,” said Vice Mayor, Manny Cardoza. 


 The original contract bid required an entire new fleet of trucks, carts and dumpsters, mandated all residential customers move to the largest 96-gallon carts and altogether ignored the service of biosolid removal from the wastewater treatment plant.


 “The steps council took tonight protects both the city and the ratepayers for years to come. While this was one of the main issues that made me run for office, I am pleased that this council has corrected the deficiencies of the prior contract and provided a transitional rate increase over time to take care of our biosolids,” said Yuba City Councilmember, Dave Shaw. “This has been an issue for the city for more than two years.  As it was said tonight, it is time to move on.”


“The current level of service will not change, it does provide more flexibility for customers and senior discounts will not be affected,” said Yuba City Councilmember, Grace Espindola.


“It’s still hard to believe the process has gone on this long, but Recology employee-owners never gave up hope that we could continue to serve the community we truly love,” said Recology Assistant Group Manager, Dave Adler.

Beyond the noted changes, the new agreement removes any potential future liability for the closure of the Marysville landfill, it lowers overall future rate hikes and adds a variety of new services.


Due to new state mandates requiring commercial recycling, businesses and multi-family residences are seeing a recycling fee. In response, Recology volunteered to phase in the fees over 18 months and have hired a “Waste Zero Specialist” to work directly with individual businesses to make sure they are “right-sized,” paying for only the exact service they need.

“Not everyone wants to buy into waste zero, but the state is mandating that we get to that, so it’s our job to inform and train local companies and their employees on best practices,” said Recology Waste Zero Specialist, Brittni Hilbers.


Businesses affected by the new recycling fees can schedule a free site visit and waste audit by contacting a Recology Waste Zero Specialist at (530) 740-0439.


Yuba City, Ca.


The summer is almost over and Labor Day is coming up quickly.  We want to invite you to our first series of meetings.  Please open the attachment to view information about our upcoming event in September for Sutter-Yuba Republican Women Federated (SYRWF). 

Assemblyman James Gallagher will be kicking off the first meeting of the season.  This is a great opportunity to meet and greet our Assemblyman serving the Counties of Butte, Tehama, Yuba, Sutter, Glenn and Colusa. The Assemblyman has been very active in the Oroville Dam issues as well the Paradise fire. And of course at the end of our meeting there will be a Q & A.   Assemblyman Gallagher has valuable insight into the history of the dam and the forest fires that have plagued our state.

The luncheon is on September 19, 2019 at Hillcrest Catering, Plaza Rm. 210 Julie Drive in Yuba City, California.

The Buffet Luncheon is $17.00 and reservations are required. For reservations call Cheryl Brandwood at 530-671-9128. Doors open at 11:00

We have had the pleasure to work with Marcia Cecil, Executive Board Member and Treasurer.   In the past, she has worked very hard calling many of the SYRWF Members for reservations.   Frank and Marcia Cecil will be moving out of state to be closer to their family members.   May God bless both of them on their new adventure. 

At a kick-off event Wednesday night at Pasquini’s restaurant, lifelong Sutter County resident and third generation Live Oak farmer, Nick Micheli, announced his candidacy for Sutter County Supervisor, District 1.


nicolus Micheli Family prune bloom photo“Pasquini’s was founded by my great uncle, Dan, in 1925, it’s run by my cousin now, and is located in the heart of our family’s farming operation here in Live Oak,” said Micheli. “It was the perfect place to launch this new chapter.”

The Micheli family history in Live Oak started nearly 100 years ago when Dan Pasquini’s, sister, Annina, married Giovanni Micheli. Their three sons, Al, Justin and Roy (Nick’s grandfather), began farming large parts of Sutter County and started Micheli Brothers LLC and Lomo Receiving Co. Inc., a peach receiving and quality inspection business.

Nick Micheli now farms prunes, walnuts and almonds, and is Secretary and Treasurer of Lomo Receiving. He sits on the California Dried Plum board and the Yuba-Sutter Farm Bureau board.


Micheli’s decision to run comes after years of trying in vain as a private citizen to work on issues like public safety, road repair and transient issues.

“Sutter County has over $150 million in pension debt and our supervisor just voted himself a raise,” said Micheli. “It’s time for me to stop complaining and start making a difference.”  

Micheli is the chair of the Standing Tall for Veterans annual dinner which raises funds for the Yuba-Sutter Veterans Stand Down, assisting over 850 veterans each year. A Shriner and a Mason, Micheli is the local ambassador for the Sacramento Shriner’s Hospital for Children and chair of the Yuba-Sutter Masonic Bicycle Fund, donating nearly 40 bicycles each year to children who excel academically.

 Nick and his wife, Sasha, have a two-year-old daughter, Violet, named after Nick’s grandmother.

By Don Rae


  •  * Two illiterate anti-Israel and anti-American Congresswomen were told, politely, that they were not welcome in Israel because of their trash-talk about Israel and support of the “Palestinians.” Seems like a logical decision. It also appears that the US government is exercising a flawed relocation program for refugees when refugees who hate America are brought in. This self-destruct policy needs to change.
  •  * Ghost guns are showing up with increased frequency. Perhaps the ATF needs to take a more pro-active role in seeing that these illegal weapons are intercepted.
  • * According to the snowflakes, freedom means not having to listen to anything they don’t agree with. And, further, anyone who expresses an opinion not in keeping with their indoctrination needs to be attacked, beat up and shut up. Isn’t it wonderful what our public schools are teaching and the mainstream media is constantly promoting.
  • * A loving note to all illegal immigrants and wannabees. You left a hell-hole of a country to travel thousands of miserable miles full of extortion, rape, danger and death to get to the best country the world can offer – dragging your children along with you. Hopefully, you did not come here to turn America into the hell-hole you left. If you did, then turn around and make your stupid journey a round trip.
  • * The City of Needles, on the border of California, Arizona and Nevada, has suggested it might become a sanctuary city for California gun laws. Why not, the city officials ask? The entire State of California ignores federal laws by declaring themselves sanctuary cities for illegal invaders. In fact, cities all over the country are ignoring laws passed by Congress. Maybe Needles has the right idea. Maybe more jurisdictions need to follow suit. Imagine for a moment, a background check and a fee to buy one round of 22 caliber ammunition.
  • * This Omar woman who was elected by snowflakes says she does not believe America is great. She feels the expression is hypocritical. Perhaps she should take some quality time to get herself educated. For a start she should carefully read Dinesh D’Souza’s book “America, Imagine a World Without Her.”
  • * Consider that some $120 billion in wages earned by illegal invaders at jobs held in the United States are being sent to Central America through Western Union. Why not a tidy tax on this money to go into border control coffers?
  • * The Democratic Presidential debates have shown the electorate that all 20 Democrats are incompetent, illiterate and, frankly, nutty as can be.
  • * Our illustrious Postal Service has shown how brilliant they are. We sent a package to Oregon City, Oregon, recently. It went to Seattle, then to San Francisco, back to Seattle and back to San Francisco. 5 times this occurred before someone managed to deliver it where it was addressed. We tried again with a similar package a few weeks later. This one went to Honolulu and then to some small post office on the island. It languished there for a while before finally being dispatched to Oregon. This department needs some organizational overhaul.
  • * Did Californians elect Newsom to be the president of Guatemala?
  • * Oh, yes. Is Newsom opening his home to the criminals he is letting out of prisons?
  • * Corey Booker wants reparations for drug dealers. We would suggest reparations for the descendents of the 600,000 Union soldiers who were killed fighting against slavery in the Civil War.  That includes Black soldiers in the Union Army.
  • * When will we see teachers striking with demands for better student teaching results. This problem has been apparent for many years. Coming to California from Boston schools, I was skipped ahead because my schooling was nearly a year ahead of California.  This was in 1948. Not much has changed and California ranks almost last in results.
  • * A Legislative committee has killed a Republican amendment to require ICE to be notified when an illegal invader tries to buy a gun. All the Democrats voted “NO.”In plain English Democrats have no problem with folks having firearms, so long as they are not Americans.(especially those who are middle class.) The “elites” can have all the guns they want as well as armed security that can go most anywhere armed – whereas even legal concealed holders can’t. Not to mention the walled residential enclosures propped up by armed guards that the elites live in.
  • * Manafort gets jail. Podesta gets a pass. Guess who is the Democrat?
  • * Why are the Democrats letting AOC and her minions run the world? Is ignorance the new intelligence?
  • * Mexico thinks it will be allowed to send its police and military into the US to protect illegal invaders from mass shootings? Have these folks any sense at all?
  • * We’ve been told repeatedly that Yuba County has 200-year flood protection through the development of miles of huge levees.  But without a pause for a breath TRLIA says its going to build another levee across the goldfields sometime in the future to plug a gigantic gap in protection. Your government and its bureaucracy at work.
  • * Trump is a businessperson. He is not a politician. Politicians are basically those who can’t find a real job, much less being successful businesspersons. Perhaps that is the reason Trump is succeeding and the politicians are running around in circles, doing nothing.
  • * Where is Shifty Schiff? And addlebrained Nadler? No more “evidence” on Russia? Or rather there never was any evidence about Russia no matter how many lies these two blatted around.
  • * According to the mainstream media. The United Nations says healthy forests are key in the fight against climate change. What happened to humans and their motor cars being the prime culprit? The UN is like the Democrats, if you can’t find a case against Russia, you go after Racism.
  • * Democrats have verbally attacked ICE for months and have sent their minions to create havoc in ICE operations. Now gun shots are being fired into ICE buildings and officers’ families are being targeted. Democrats are looking more and more like terrorists than the “loyal opposition”.
  • * The Democrats spiked the gas tax. The poor find it harder to pay for transportation to work. Many have to quit. Stores raise their prices to maintain profitability because of the rise in transportation costs to obtain goods to sell. Then the average Joe can’t afford the merchandise and doesn’t buy. The business goes bust and more jobs are lost. Isn’t Democratic economic policy wonderful?

Olivehurst, CA


Yuba Water Agency  approved a grant for Olivehurst Public Utility District to study the possibility of a new potable water system in southeastern Yuba County. 

The $50,000 grant will provide funding for an engineering study for the potable water infrastructure needed to support the sports and entertainment and industrial zones near the new Hard Rock - Fire Mountain Casino Resort. 

Olivehurst Public Utility District is in the process of annexing this location into its area of responsibility, and the district determined that a realistic plan and cost estimate for the potable water infrastructure is needed. 

Brownsville, Ca.


On Tuesday August 13, 2019 the North Yuba Water District (NYWD) held a special meeting  to pass a resolution that  would give the General Manager authority to execute grant applications. Rumors began immediately that the NYWD Board was turning their authority over to the General Manager.  However; the actual resolution (No. 19-733) stated "Nothing in this resolution authorizes the General Manager to execute any agreement accepting any outside funding for District projects without the District Board's review and approval of such agreements."


The resolution passed on a 4 to 1 vote with Director Flohr as the dissenting vote.


Below is the statement  from Director Flohr, published by the Territorial Dispatch at the request of Director Flohr because she was not allowed to finish it during the debate:


About a week ago, I discovered that North Yuba Water District (NYWD) Manager, Jeff Maupin, was working behind the scenes with Yuba Water Agency (YWA) to obtain nearly a quarter-million dollar grant from YWA. Through public exposure on social media and a letter I authored and sent to the Boards of both agencies, this secretive move to hand over yet more money to NYWD was stopped.

In what appears to be an admission of guilt, and an after-the-fact attempt to cover his rear end, General Manager Jeff Maupin wrote a resolution giving himself authority to pursue any and all funding without involving the NYWD Board and then called a Special Meeting for Tuesday August 13 at 8 am to get the NYWD board to pass the self-authored resolution. This resolution will remove the NYWD Board and the public from any transparency in the grant process.

I came prepared with my remarks. Board President Eric Hansard and Vie President Terry Brown put a timer on my remarks and halted me at 3 minutes. This is a new policy that the four directors voted to approve which pertains to Director’s Input. It does not and can not pertain to board discussions on passing resolutions or policies. As my remarks were cut off and I was not allowed to actually engage in a discussion of this proposed resolution, I am making my intended remarks public here. You can also watch the videos of the meetings here ( – decide for yourself

Special Meetings should be called for urgent situations that are not quite emergencies.

This is not an urgent situation. If any justification is present for a Special Meeting, it would be the GM’s decision to reduce the top three Irrigation users to half of their allotment for no reason whatsoever, even after one of the user’s pond put out a major fire. That would justify a Special Meeting. There is nothing here that could not have waited until the next regular board meeting.

The GM called this Special Meeting to vote on a resolution he authored because he felt it was urgent. If any board member was involved in the creation of this resolution, I am not aware of it- if this resolution was proposed by any board members, I am unaware of it. There was no prior public involvement in the development of this resolution. There has been no prior board meeting discussion whether to put this on an agenda for a vote.

This self-authored resolution gives Jeff Maupin unilateral authority over grants and removes the NYWD Board oversight of the process. May I remind you that Manager Maupin is being investigated by the State for possible fraud on a grant application. Why, with this ongoing investigation, would this board surrender oversight of grants? If you approve this resolution you are grossly irresponsible and share mutual guilt that may be rendered by investigative agencies.

Jeff Maupin has been caught overstepping his authority by the public and by me. Maupin went around the Board and behind the public’s back, to request funding from YWA – a request that would result in adding almost a quarter of a million dollars more to a $500,000 grant. On what planet do engineering plans for a ditch cost almost $750,000.00???? The audacity of a general manager to overstep in this fashion and to overrun the costs of engineering plans by $225K is remarkable and should be punished – not rewarded. Are these Engineering Plans – that the public and I have never seen – gold plated? This is the fourth set of engineering plans prepared for the Forbestown Ditch project. The last set - which analyzed three different options- cost $200,000.00. One thing Jeff Maupin and this board certainly know how to do is spend, or better yet, waste, the taxpayers’ and rate payers’ money.

Maupin and Board President Eric Hansard were caught violating the boundaries of their authority. Now, Maupin is attempting to cover their wrongdoing, by authoring a resolution to give him the very authority he violated and calling a Special Meeting of the NYWD Board to approve it; thereby covering his hind quarters when he goes back to YWA tomorrow to re-request this additional funding without talking to the board or informing the public. This is the essence of corruption.

I put together a resolution, based on my constituent’s concerns, to prohibit the GM from doing just this- self-authoring resolutions that are not done at the direction of the board. The four directors here- sat silent, staring at the ceiling and ignored my request and resolution. This is the third such self-authored resolution Maupin has put forth.

Who is running this board? Certainly not the four of you. Why are you on this board? You refuse committees, you do nothing but sign away all oversight responsibility to the very employee you are supposed to be overseeing. Maupin writes a resolution and calls you all here and you approve the resolution? Do you work for Maupin? I thought WE were his employers. He should be admonished and his behavior curbed- his behavior should not be rewarded or covered up.

If you approve this resolution – you might as well have Maupin write the final resolution – dissolving this board - as Maupin clearly runs this board and you have gladly handed him the keys to the vault.