Yuba Sutter Youth Choir Announces Music Selections for Summer Session

ys arts 6 14 17Marysville, Ca.

Final preparations are underway for the kickoff of the new Yuba Sutter Youth Choir. The summer program gets underway Thursday, June 15 at 7pm.

“Our students will be exposed to a variety of really great music this summer,” according to Choir Director, Obie Leff. “In addition to selections from the musical theater repertoire like Annie and Les Misérables, we’ll also be working on a pop medley featuring the work of Shawn Mendes and a few of my original songs,” said Mr. Leff.

The concert themes for the two performances will be "Growing Together" for the 7-10 age group and "Beyond Broadway" for the 11-14 year olds. Interested parents or guardians should contact YSA at 530-742-ARTS or abbie@yubasutterarts to pre-register.

The Yuba Sutter Youth Choir is part of Yuba Sutter Arts’ Arts in Education program. Classes will be held at the Burrows Theater at 630 E Street in Marysville. Instruction for two age groups will be offered; 7-10 year olds and 11-14 year olds. Classes will be held on Thursdays for six weekly sessions through July 20th. The final performance will be held on July 27th. The cost for the summer session is $50 per student.

Obie Leff, has taught music in the Yuba-Sutter community for more than 20 years. Currently, Mr. Leff directs the music program at Twin Rivers Charter School in Yuba City, which includes classroom music for all students in grades TK-4 and Choir programs for students in grades 4-8. Alex Cesena, who has just returned from a three year, international engagement with The Young Americans, will assist Mr. Leff.

“I think the lyrics from ‘Why We Sing’ by Greg Gilpin, one of the songs I’ll be teaching, sort of says it all,” added Mr. Leff. "Music builds a bridge; it can tear down a wall! Music is a language, than can speak to one and all! This is why we sing, why we lift our voice, why we stand as one in harmony.”

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