North Yuba Water District Utilizing Inmate Work Crews

Oregon House, Ca.

As the rainy season finally winds down, the North Yuba Water District (NYWD) is employing Yuba County inmate work crews to clear the irrigation ditches in Dobbins and Oregon House. The crews will remove invasive plants, brush and weeds.

Work began late May and will continue for approximately one month, through the end of June. NYWD Manager, Jeff Maupin, said recent rains have propelled the growth of weeds throughout the irrigation ditches.

“Weeds reduce the flow of water in the ditches during the irrigation season and they become a fire hazard after the irrigation season,” he said.

The inmate work crews include nonviolent, non-sex offenders who have earned a place in the program. Yuba County Sheriff, Steve Durfor, said the program is a partnership between the Sheriff’s Department, Yuba County Fire Department and organizations like NYWD. The work crews provide a cost-effective labor source for budget-strapped districts like NYWD.

“It’s a win-win,” said Durfor. “Work programs allow our inmates to make a positive difference in our community, while giving the inmates job skills and a sense of self-worth and dignity that comes from a productive day’s work.”

The NYWD provides irrigation water to over 100 parcels in Dobbins and Oregon House, and provides domestic water service to approximately 2500 residents in Brownsville, Forbestown, Rackerby and Challenge.

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