7th Annual Dance with Our Stars

Dr. Francisco Reveles, Yuba County’s Superintendent of Schools, is a high energy motivational speaker. But is he a dancer? Perhaps not, but with the help of his professional dance partner, Meghan DeGroodt, Francisco has agreed to learn two choreographed routines and will perform them at Rideout’s 7th Annual Dance With Our Stars on August 19 at Colusa Casino. Dancing on stage when you are not really a dancer: that’s potentially painful and embarrassing. But as tough as that is, Francisco, like all of the other dancers in the competition, have also pledged to raise donations of at least $5,000 in advance of the competition to help the Rideout Foundation’s Special Projects Fund to support projects like the Center for Women’s Imaging, a partnership with Sutter Buttes Imaging, Inc., and many other needed services. Please help our friend Francisco reach his goal by attending this pre-competition musical reception. He may be silly for putting himself on stage in front of hundreds without a safety net. But he’s a good guy all the same.

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