Cascade Fire (Wind Complex) Incident Information:


As of 9:42 a.m. October 11, the Cascade Fire in Yuba County has burned 12,349 acres and is 20% contained.

Evacuation Orders
La Porte Rd. from Pleasant Grove Ln. to Darby Rd. and all areas of Los Verjeles Rd. Oro Bangor Hwy from Avacado Rd. to the Bangor 4 Corners.

Evacuation Advisory
Loma Rica Rd. at Smith Rd.; Loma Rica Rd. will open from Hwy 20 to Smith Rd., Loma Rica Rd. at Bevan Rd.; Bevan Rd. will be open, Virginia Rd. at Smith Rd., Marysville Rd. at Spring Valley Rd.; Marysville Rd. will open from Hwy 20 to Spring Valley Rd. and Spring Valley Rd. will be open from Hwy 20., Marysville Rd. at Fruitland Rd., Marysville Rd. at Scott Grant Rd., Marysville Rd. at Loma Rica Rd., Township Rd. at Peoria Rd.; Peoria Rd. will open from Hwy 20, Peoria Rd. at Bald Mountain Rd.; Bald Mountain Rd. open to Peoria Rd., Fruitland Rd. at Honcut Rd. All areas east to Collins Lake and the Yuba/Nevada County line, not including the Oregon House community are under evacuation orders.

Evacuated areas are continuously being evaluated for future repopulation.

Marysville Rd. at Willow Glen Rd., Marysville Rd. at Fruitland Rd., Honcut Rd. at Fruitland Rd., Marysville Rd. at Browns Valley School, La Porte Rd. at Vierra Rd., Loma Rica Rd. at Los Verjeles Rd., Scott Grant Rd. at Marysville Rd., Iowa City Rd. at Ramirez Rd., Honcut Rd. at Fruitland Rd., Ramirez Rd. at Fruitland Rd., Loma Rica Rd. at Loop Rd., Darby Rd. at La Porte Rd.

Firefighters continued to build containment lines overnight. Steep terrain and heavy brush continue to pose a challenge. Predicted red flag warning will bring change in wind direction over the fire area. Damage Inspection Teams have arrived at the incident and have initiated their assessments. Changes in damaged and destroyed structures along with the type of structures involved will be reflected in incident updates as the inspection teams confirm their findings.

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