Marysville Police Chief Investigated

marysville police  11 15 17Sexual Assault Allegation From 2008

Marysville, Ca.

A press release from Marysville City Hall stated: I am aware of the serious allegations and ongoing investigation involving Chief Aaron Easton. While this is an allegation only at this time, it is deeply troubling on a personal level.

The Marysville Police Department is in no way implicated in any of the allegations or investigations involving Mr. Easton. I have full confidence that the officers, support staff and volunteers of the police department are continuing to perform professionally and to carry out their duties to serve and protect the people of our community. The City will do everything necessary to reassure Marysville residents and businesses that will continue without any distractions.

New Police Chief Appointed; Department Veteran Takes Over As Interim Chief

The City of Marysville announced the separation of Police Chief Aaron W. Easton from the Marysville Police Department. In discussions with the City Manager, the Chief expressed his belief that the well-being and continued credibility of the department was best served by separating himself, and the personal issues facing him at the moment, from the City.

In making the announcement, City Manager Walter Munchheimer acknowledged that an ongoing investigation into a decade-old incident allegedly involving Mr. Easton would not be allowed to be a distraction for the important work of the department and the men and women who serve and protect the community. “While this is an allegation only at this time, it is deeply troubling on a personal level,” the City Manager stated in a written statement.

The statement continued: “The Marysville Police Department is a professional law enforcement organization with fine men and women dedicated to the safety and security of our city. The department is in no way implicated in either the allegations or the investigation into former chief Easton’s personal conduct. I cannot permit those personal difficulties to become a distraction from the department’s vital work, and I cannot have a part-time police chief. Mr. Easton needs to devote his full time and energies to resolving these personal matters facing him and his family.”

Effective immediately, Police Lieutenant Christian Sachs, a 17-year veteran of the department, will take over the top leadership post in the department as interim Police Chief.

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