Rover Goes Digital in Yuba County

Dogs get digital ID tags in new licensing program through Yuba County Animal Care Services and

December 1, 2017, Olivehurst, CA --, the world’s fastest way to get lost pets home, and Yuba County, have teamed up to offer four-legged family members a new 21st century ID tag that promises to increase the chances of a lost animal’s return while reducing the number of animals in shelters.

96% of animals returned by PetHub are home in less than a day, before they enter a shelter. That’s the kind of powerful tool we want to give pet parents in Yuba County. Such results will support Yuba County in its goal of getting pets back to their families more quickly, and helping to reduce the number of animals in the shelter.

“Over $2 billion is spent annually by shelters in the U.S. to provide food, critical care, and a safe bed to lost animals,” said Tom Arnold, Founder of “Our goal is to get a lost dog or cat home before it can become injured through fights with other animals, taken in by strangers thinking the dog is homeless, or enter a shelter.”

PetHub’s system links a physical ID tag to an animal’s online profile that can be accessed through an encrypted connection by anyone with a mobile device, whether a smartphone or standard cellular phone. That profile can be updated free-of-charge at to allow the owner to list emergency contact information, including that of anyone who helps care for the animal, such as spouses, pet sitters, veterinarians, and other family and friends. Optional upgrades include “found pet” alerts, GPS notifications, and a way to broadcast a missing pet’s profile to local shelters and businesses (think “Amber alert,” but for pets).

The new licensing program will launch January 1, 2018. It is important to note that only animals living within the outlying areas of Yuba County and City of Wheatland service area are eligible for this opportunity. Starting January 1, 2018, anyone registering a new pet license through Yuba County Animal Care Services will receive the new digital ID tag that is ‘powered by PetHub’. We are incredibly excited to bring these new, durable, modern and effective pet ID tags into our community.

About PetHub™

PetHub, Inc., is focused on getting lost pets home faster and safer than any other solution available by utilizing current and new technologies, including QR coded pet ID tags, NFC wireless technology, GPS mapping, and real-time notifications. 96% of PetHub recovered “pack members” are home again in under 24-hours. The company has multiple software and hardware patents pending on its ID tags and Internet services. Success stories can be found at PetHub is available in English, German, French, Dutch and Italian languages.

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Yuba County Animal Care Services

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