Yuba Feather Communities Services Dinner Results

Submitted by: Colene Weckman, Membership Secretary

Members of Yuba Feather Communities Services (YFCS) were honored at a Membership Appreciation Dinner on Sat., Feb. 3rd at the Ponderosa Center in Brownsville. The Dinner was free to all 2018 YFCS Members in good standing, in recognition of their support for the Community Center and Park Facilities. Thank you to YFCS Volunteers and Board Members, President Gary & Michelle Ellis, Vice President & Facilities Manager, Ann & Ronnie Plumb, , Secretary, Freja & Josh Nelson, Treasurer, Dr. Bill Hoffman & Tawnya Hoffman, Maintenance, Sheri & Rodney Souja, Event Co-Chairs, Roger & Joyce Moen, Allison & Jim Lococo, Yvonne Scroggs, Membership Colene & Buck Weckman, Chris Seelye, Pastor Dan & Lisa Deli, Gene & Erin Weckman, Mike & Keri Mayo, Margaret Carnahan, Mary Lauck and Loretta Roberts who helped make this event a success.

Special Guests included, 5th District Supervisor Randy Fletcher, Fire Chief Bill Shaw, North Yuba Water District Board Member's, Gary Hawthorne and Doug Nielsen, and candidate Steve Duckells running for the office of Yuba County Assessor.

Thank you to both, Supervisor Randy Fletcher and his wife Kathy who served as auctioneers, for members who donated baked goods. Between the auction, raffle and donations over $1800 was raised for YFCS.

Ten new memberships and many renewals were also accepted at the door.

Organizations serving under the umbrella of YFCS, Stone Soup, Girl Scouts, Quilters, Art Society and The Hilltop Gang also shared their success stories. If you are interested in joining any of these groups, getting involved, or learning more about our upcoming events and activities, please visit our YFCS website at yubafeathercommunitiesservices.org or Ponderosa park Facebook page.

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