YCWA Supports Airport Drainage Project

Marysville, Ca.

Yuba County will be better able to address drainage concerns and expand the services at the Yuba County Airport with the help of a grant from Yuba County Water Agency.

The $191,000 grant will fund the local share of a Federal Aviation Administration grant leveraging a total of $4.2 million for the project, which will repair cracks and erosion on the airport’s apron, caused by inadequate drainage.

The airport apron is the area used to tie down and park aircraft for temporary storage, maintenance and refueling. Currently, inclement weather and heavy rains cause water to pool on the surface, contributing to the deterioration of the apron.

“The current drainage issues restrict access to a crucial part of the airport during and after large rain storms,” said YCWA Director Doug Lofton. “These repairs are necessary so the airport can retain its current businesses and lease operations, but also to potentially attract new, additional business.”

The project will replace the existing surface with concrete; install new, larger inlets and grates to better drain surface water from the pavement; and add more than 1,500 feet of new piping that will carry the water away from the area.

YCWA is able to fund the local match of this project because of the subsequent flooding caused by the drainage issues, hindering the full use of the airport.

“The Yuba County Airport is a valuable asset to the Sacramento Valley and has great potential to bring additional revenue to the county,” said Yuba County Administrative Services Director Tim McCoy. “This grant allows us to fix the current drainage deficiencies inhibiting the airport from being fully functional year-round.”

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