Robbins has the Spirit

Robbins Student Council had an impressive reaction to their SPIRIT RED RIBBON WEEK!! With students and staff members participation the whole week was a huge success! 7th Grade pulled in the WIN of most spirited class with 81.4% participation throughout the week. Below are the totals broken down by class for the entire school.

Preschool—40% Kindergarten—56.6%

1st Grade—69.2% 2nd/3rd Grade—56.4%

4th Grade—63.6% 5th Grade—76.8%

6th Grade—53.8% 7th Grade—81.4%

8th Grade—68%

A HUGE thank you to Mrs. Alonso, Mrs. Carl and Mrs. Richter for taking the time to judge our RED RIBBON WEEK door decorating contest. 5th Grade took the 1st place prize with their Stars Wars themed door.

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