Tractorologists to Honor Vets

2017 Veterans Day Parade11 7by Rod Hisken

The passion for the Vintage Tractor Fans to honor our vets is always high. This year in the Marysville Veterans Day Parade will be no exception. There will be a nice number of tractors in the parade. The number will be a little less as we have lost some due to illness.

The group will be led by a very special tractor from Chico. The 1929 Rumley Oil Pull owned by John and Kathy Ferris will provide the assembled with a sound they will never forget. The "Boom Boom!" is unforgettable. These tractors were popular from about 1915 to 1925. The Rumley was instrumental in replacing the steam tractor demonstrating the viability of the Otto engine which would later become more well known as the Internal Combustion motor.

The second tractor will be a big old John Deere G producing the "Johnny Popper " noise with the tractor which will be remembered by the old timers wafting through the night cutting beans in the Sutter Basin. This machine is owned by Jim Escheman of Browns Valley.

The following group will be the famous "Tractors for Humanity" who highlight the need to end Cancer, Domestic Violence, and Downs Syndrome. The Wheel Chair Compatible Tractor unfortunately has other obligations. The beautiful blue Allis Chalmers, dedicated to Autism, has moved to the Phoenix area and is stirring up interest there.

The colorful "Politicians Wagon", a restored manure spreader, owned by the Greenwoods from Nevada City will be present and any of the people who were in the election are invited to ride.

A variety of other makes and models will be present, some of which have a historical connection with our great agricultural region.

This year the tractors will end their parade involvement and will go to 8th street and go due west to Tracey's Diner for lunch. The tractors will be on display for the public to enjoy after the parade.traceys diner11 7

A great big thank you to Cynthia Verrill, the parade organizer, for her assistance in the planning to make this extra effort possible. A warm and generous response from Wendell Anderson, our Sheriff, and Chris Sachs, the Chief of Police, were amazing in their assistance to make this additional activity for the tractors memorable and safe. The harmony and involvement is greatly appreciated. Their leadership demonstrated a blessing for the citizens they serve.

So, please join us in honoring our veterans who have helped make this a country safe and bountiful. The legacy they protected is desired by millions across the globe. The sacrifice they made is special and has

made the US unique in the history of civilizations. THANK YOU! SEE YOU on November 11th.

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