Browns Valley Irrigation District


Brown Valley, Ca.

Although BVID intended to end the irrigation season this Friday, we have

been monitoring the announcement from PG&E regarding planned power outages

in response to the red flag warnings. As of this morning, BVID is extending

service through the weekend to ensure water is available if your wells are

offline. Please remember that during high winds, BVID outages are very

common as leaves and debris accumulate in the ditches.

It is also important to remember that as an "Irrigation District," our

charter (and legal existence) is to provide irrigation water for production

agriculture. While we encourage you as neighbors to use the water to help

prevent wildland fires around your property, or to even combat small,

localized fires, BVID water cannot be considered a reliable source for fire

suppression. Though we do consider the danger for many decisions, our one

and only operational focus is to provide irrigation water for production


Because of this obligation, it becomes a fine line between balancing the

water in the reservoir for when plants are actively growing in the Spring

and Summer, versus other uses when not much is growing this late into the

Fall (as is the case now). We are now below 40% of capacity, and with no

indication of what this winter will bring to refill the reservoir; we are

already past the point of not being able to supply water for the next

irrigation season without substantial inflow.

Nevertheless, with the possibility of prolonged power outages, we want to be

sure any remaining irrigation needs that would have otherwise been met by

your wells after Friday, are still being met through the weekend if they are

temporarily offline.

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