California will clean up voter list

By Stephen Frank

This is big. The Election Integrity Project CA won a settlement against the Registrar of Voters of Los Angeles County AND the Secretary of State of California. L.A. is forced to remove 1.5 million voters from the “inactive” rolls. But the agreement goes much further:

“Under the terms of the settlement, Mr. Padilla and Mr. Logan are required to make regular reports of their corrective actions and results. Progress and compliance will be subject to enforcement by a federal judge and validated by EIPCa researchers.”

Evidence of compliance is not going to be certified by a government agency—but by a private non-profit, Election Integrity Project CA. This shows, to me, how corrupt the Judge feels government has become, that a private organization, which brought the lawsuit gets to validate the work done by a government agency. More importantly, though the case was against Los Angeles County, the Secretary of State is mandated to do the same in the 57 other counties. This is a great first step in bringing honesty back to elections. Congratulations to the geat Team at Election Integrity Project CA. I would not be surprised if more lawsuits are brought by them to ensure honest elections—the work that should be done by government officials, instead being done by private citizens.

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