Yuba Feather Community Services

Submitted by; Buck Weckman

buckweckmanpicOver 30 years ago, Yuba Feather Communities Services (YFCS) was formed as a Non-Profit Corporation. The stated mission was to develop Health Services, Fire Protection and Recreation to the area communities. These communities included: Brownsville, Forbestown, Rackerby, Challenge and Clipper Mills. Initially, the YFCS Board of Directors obtained use of the closed California Department of Forestry (CDF) Fire Station in Brownsville and 50 plus nearby acres of Bureau of Land Management (BLM) vacant land. Close cooperation with CDF, BLM and Yuba County was an integral part of this effort. Yuba County continues this cooperation by providing the lease mechanism with BLM.

The CDF Fire Station garage provided housing for Brownsville’s first fire engine. The CDF barracks was used as the location for our current Health Center. That was a long time ago, but YFCS’s efforts was one of the catalysis that evolved into our first rate Fire Department and Health Center. We owe YFCS our gratitude.

The vacant BLM land, still managed by YFCS, now has a large Community Center, two baseball fields, amphitheater, basket ball court, tennis courts, hiking trail, children’s play ground and picnic areas. These facilities did not just magically appear; they were the result of years of hard work by YFCS. Certainly the Board of Directors had considerable support from local volunteers and businesses such as Ray’s Hardware and Soper Wheeler Logging Company. The Community has enjoyed the fruits of these efforts through hundreds of Little League Baseball Games, Music Festivals, Theater Arts Presentations, Public Meetings, no cost holiday dinners and so many other benefits. This has been a major accomplishment for these small mountain communities.

Recreation, the Community Center and Ponderosa Park continues to be the main focus of YFCS.

The current nine member Board of Directors and a few faithful volunteers are working overtime to maintain existing facilities and provide a good number of yearly community events. However, additional help is needed if the facility and park are to remain in good repair. Volunteers to work in the park or on the buildings would be appreciated. Another area of need is a person with Grant Writing experience. There are numerous Grants available that could provide us with additional resources. With a little guidance from a YFCS Board Member a volunteer could complete applications at home. Contact Colene Weckman at 675-3221 if you have an interest.

There will be a YFCS Membership Drive Dinner on Saturday, January 26, 2019. Current and new Members will be admitted at no charge. Membership is $15.00 for an individual and $25.00 for a family. The dinner will be at the Community Center on Ponderosa Way in Brownsville; additional information will be released at a later date.

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