Socialist Are Showing True Colors


Well, here we are at the beginning of another season of a whole slew of Democrats (call a lot of them Socialists) of lining up for the 2020 presidential run...I stopped counting at a little over 15 of them.

The only startling difference this time is the path to the highest office in the land has the left-leaning Democrat Party being dragged further to the Hard Left...and they are not making any bones about their intentions.

Remember the Big Hullabaloo three years ago when Hillary Clinton was campaigning against Donald Trump and somebody unearthed her comments at a South America Banker’s Convention a few years prior in a speech about wanting to see Open Borders from Argentina to the Arctic Circle. The vast majority of Republicans and Independents and a sprinkling of Democrats were aghast at that very thought...of OPEN BORDERS...Perish the Thought.

But this skip-along around the Mulberry bush for 2020 has a bunch of Prez Wannabe’s that are unapologetically calling for a lot of socialistic policies that seem to be quite a bit further left than Bernie Sanders was.

Is it a coincidence that the Caravans from Central America started last fall...and continue to regurgitate in the additional caravans coming from that part of Central America meant to initiate some type of dialogue about Open Borders? If so, forget about it. The United States wants to stay a sovereign nation that encourages legal immigration...as we do to the tune of upwards of a million legal immigrants each year.

As to the Hard Left posturing...from this early point of campaign time there’s been some bellowing about Green Energy to replace Fossil Fuels...No Guns except for the Police and Military (that wouldn’t make any difference to the criminals because they would find all the guns they would want and probably outnumber the police by 20 to 1 in firepower)...OPEN BORDERS...Y’all Come In (that would be the final nail in the coffin for the country because millions would want to flood into this land)...FREE HEALTH INSURANCE (that would abolish private health insurance companies making the Government in charge...Been there, Done that with ObamaCare)...FREE COLLEGE TUITION...ABOLISH ICE( Immigration Customs Enforcement)...and on and on. Those are some of the Hard Left’s bullet points.

At least the Left Hard Liners have come out of the shadows and showed us their true colors.

How do they attain this Absolutely False Utopia? Very Simple...through Shameless Demagoguery...Webster’s Dictionary: “Demagoguery...one who tries to stir up people’s emotions in order to win them over and so gain power.” Those who use that tactic should remember the abbreviation of TINSTAAFL translated to There Is No Such Thing As A Free Lunch...and Socialists that march to that drummer will revel in that garbage...until the money runs out.

But we digress...The first shot across the hard left bow in the 2020 Prez campaign was made by California Senator (for only 24 months) Kamala Harris when she ticked off a few of the aforementioned bullet points.

Any future Hard Lefty Prez Wannabe’s are going to have to spout off with a MORE Demagogic message and it will turn out to be like watching a swarm of piranha fish chewing on each other.

For any common sense, hard working and clear thinking American, it will be a disgraceful sight to see.

Kamala Harris has already walked backwards on her comment about getting rid of private health insurance companies at a recent town hall meeting in Iowa. The big-moneyed interests blew up at her declaration and she pulled back...but CNN reported that...and Kamala scolded them for doing that...so CNN pulled back that report. It’s getting real messy...already in the early going.

Could it be Kamala has been scarfing down too many waffles at IHOP the way she has started waffling on one of her statements...or is this the start of the piranha feasting frenzy amongst fellow lefties.

Kamala pledged that she will always speak with decency and moral clarity and treat all people with dignity and respect...and will lead with integrity...and will tell the truth.

Integrity? Waffling on a public statement from one day to the next doesn’t have much integrity to it...and not telling the truth to people about the prohibitive high cost of “FREE’ Health Insurance and ‘FREE’ College Tuition. Remember TINSTAAFL, Kamala, somebody’s gotta pay for it...and that somebody is the American Taxpayer.

Kamala also spoke of an America where “we welcome refugees” and denounced President Trump’s border wall plan as a medieval vanity project.”

I guess we’re not going to see you visit any of portion of the southern border where walls are already constructed...and talk with the border agents there...because they will upset your applecart and show you why walls and barriers work 90 to 95% of the time!

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