Film planned to shoot in Yuba Sutter

Co-writers and producers of “Molly Robber” Austin Hall, left, and Zach Visvikis.

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The troubled sister of a special needs person learns the true meaning of family when her mission to rob her drug dealer doesn’t go as planned. That’s the twisting plot of an action-comedy movie, “Molly Robber,” set to be filmed in Yuba City.

The movie is co-written and produced by Yuba-Sutter native and New York University student Austin Hall. Local shooting is scheduled for March 15-March 24.

“I grew up here. I love this place. It has a certain uniqueness that no one has really capitalized on through film,” Hall said.

Hall has wanted to be involved in the film industry since he was a child. When he was six he would visit Hollywood Video regularly with his grandmother and rent Jackie Chan movies, which he fell in love with.

“I would watch them and hope that one day I would be able make a film just as awesome,” Hall said.

He began to study film and theater in high school and then went to NYU where he will graduate in May with a bachelor’s degree in film and television production.

“Molly Robber” is scheduled to be filmed solely in Yuba-Sutter and will include actor Barry Bostwick, who’s best known for his roles in “The Rocky Picture Horror Show,” “The Incredibles 2,” and the sitcom “Spin City.”

Although there will be professional actors on set, Hall said they want to have as many Yuba-Sutter residents involved as possible. They are currently casting locally for additional roles in the film. They plan to put some proceeds from the film back into the community.

“We’re working with a number of charities: Fractured Atlas, NYU Sustainability, The Carbon Fund, and the California Wildfire Relief Fund – to not only make this a film a reality but to help give back to the community who has given so much to me,” Hall said.

Although they have received grants to film “Molly Robber,” they hope to find additional sponsorship from local businesses and residents who would like to help put Yuba-Sutter on the film entertainment map.

For more information on sponsoring or auditioning for a role in “Molly Robber” email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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