So much for a peaceful transition of power

The VERY TIMING of the Democrat-initiated Michael Cohen hearing is certifiable evidence that their Party leadership originated, staged and executed that grade-school melodrama. Once again, Trump haters, virulent to the point of insanity, and placing blind party loyalty over critical national and international interests, sought to sabotage the President's continuing efforts to bring stability and harmony to a fractured section of our world. Why? Because the 'Deep State', recently exposed within the FBI and the Department of Justice, still remains deeply enmeshed in Washington D.C. This can only continue to happen while the 'Deep State'-undergirded and protected by Washington D.C.'s largely arrogant, self-serving, well-fed and well-protected 'Republocrats WANT it that way. D.C.'s legislative branches, their sycophants and their supporters prefer to use their power to control Americans rather than to serve them. Our forefathers understood that well: They said, "Government, like fire, is a dangerous servant and a fearful master." They were-and still are-right!

Clean out the Deep State, Americans! And clean up Washington's House, Senate, and the now viciously, unconstitutionally partisan media! The job of all three is to REPRESENT us, not to rule us! Trump is successfully working to give all of America's people their country back. He has clearly earned the strong admiration and support of those of us around the World who still love America the Beautiful. If the Press, Broadcast Media and Hollywood were honest, the whole World would also know!

Robert Mackensen

Yuba City, Ca.

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