4th Annual Historic Faire Honors "Historic Hero" Cotton Rosser

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Marysville, Ca.

In Early February  Judy Mann and Russell Hogue, the co-chairs of the “4th Annual Historic Faire” visited Cotton Rosser at Cotton’s Corral, with an invitation to be the “Historic Hero”  for this year’s Historic Faire to be held on May 11, 2019 in Marysville

When presented with the honor it took him by surprise and within seconds, he told the reppresentives he was thankful and quite humbled. He then continued to do what he does best tell stories of his Rodeo Days.  

For the last three years the Historic Faire has chosen an outstanding person whom is tied to Marysville’s History.  It is most fitting that the Focus on Marysville Group and the Mary Aaron Museum select for 2019 Maryville’s Horton Alexander “Cotton” Rosser as the “Historic Hero”  The groups had no problem in selecting “Cotton” a cowboy pioneer most of his life who will turn 91 in August. 

 As a young buck growing up in Long Beach, California, where he delivered newspapers from the back of a donkey named Jack, cleaned stalls at local stables, and worked cattle on Catalina Island during the week so he could rodeo on the weekends, he has come a long way.  

Rosser  has always called Marysville, California, his home.  The Owner of Cotton’s Cowboy Corral on D Street in Historic Marysville and owner of the Flying U Rodeo, which is the oldest rodeo company in the world and the major supplier of rodeo stock in the United States, he has received countless honors and awards, for his lifelong commitment to rodeo, ranching and agriculture.

It is most fitting that with all these awards under his belt, the Focus on Marysville group takes pride in honoring this man with yet another award from his hometown. He  leaves a trail behind that is hard to follow.

As the co-chairs stepped away  Cotton stated

 “I am much honored to be this year’s Historic Hero” for the 4th Annual Historic Faire. I'm very excited there is so much energy being put towards this event and we need to give the people something new, which is Marysville’s Historic Past”.                      

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