Yuba & Sutter Counties to test phone/email emergency alerts Wednesday 4/10/19


Yuba and Sutter Counties

Yuba and Sutter Counties emergency officials are encouraging residents to sign up to receive emergency alert through their phones, cell phones and emails, prior to next week’s test of the CodeRED alert system.

Testing of the CodeRED alert system will take place on Wednesday, April 10. On that day, residents in one county will receive alerts in the morning, and residents in the other county will get their alerts in the afternoon. Officials say the Alert Day is taking place to raise awareness of the service and to get a better understanding of its effectiveness.

“Our communities have been confronted with both devastating fires and terrifying flooding threats over the past couple of years, and each time we began by using an alert systems to notify residents of the emergencies,” said Yuba County Office of Emergency Services Manager Scott Bryan. “While no single notification method is perfect, the CodeRED system is the best way to send targeted alerts about real dangers to our residents in the shortest amount of time.”

Yuba County has been using the CodeRED emergency notification systems for several years, and Sutter County switched to the same system last October. Emergency officials from both counties point the ability of the notification system to quickly send messages to specific neighborhoods, regions, or entire counties to alert residents.

To sign up, residents can go to their county’s emergency preparedness website. Sutter County residents can sign up at BePreparedSutter.org and BePreparedYuba.org is the site for Yuba County residents. Both pages have links to the CodeRED registration page, which is a free service.

Each person completing the CodeRED registration process are first asked to provide a name and address, in order to make it possible to alert them about an emergency specific to their neighborhood. The participant can also list any phone numbers or email addresses to receive messages in a declared emergency.

The April 10 message that goes out through text messages and emails will make it clear to those receiving the notification that it is part of a test and that there is no actual emergency.

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