150 Years of Christian Service





First Christian Church, Colusa, is celebrating 150 years of Christian service in Colusa. We are in the original building at 725 Jay Street, Colusa. We are celebrating on Sunday, May 19, from 4-6 p.m., with a brief history of the church, greetings from others, worship service, speakers, music and communion (open to all believers). Following the service, we will serve food and drinks.
     Since the church is located in a residential neighborhood, there is only street parking and we encourage car pooling. We hope you will help us celebrate. For more information, call Sara Niles at 1-530-356-9385 after 11 a.m.

    Before the erection of their own church buildings, the congregations of several denominations held their services in the court room of the present Colusa County Court House.  At least as early as January 1866, the Disciples of Christ or Christians, were meeting there regularly.

     In August of 1868, work was commenced on the Christian Church edifice by M.B. Farris.  It was completed in March of 1869, of hand-made, locally kilned brick, made of clay material from a clay bank near the old junior high school.  The design of the building was a practical adaptation of colonial architecture resulting in a simple, functional, white-painted brick structure with Gothic arched doors and windows.  A brick bell tower forty-two 

feet high, upon which a wooden spire was built projecting upward an additional thirty-three feet, was added to the structure in 1879.  The steeple was removed many years later.  Another interesting feature of the present building is the two entry doors.  Although apparently not part of the 

original construction, for many years the two doors admitted men to sit on the men’s side of the sanctuary and women to sit on the women’s side.

     On March 27, 1869, the Colusa Sun reported that “The Christian Church has at last been completed and services will be held there tonight and tomorrow. Elder DeWitt will preach.”  

     Early pastors and members of the Colusa Church were closely identified with the establishment of Pierce Christian College in 1874, in College City. Andrew Pierce, for whom the College was named, was a member of the Colusa congregation. The Colusa congregation was also the “mother church” for several other Christian Churches in the area. 

      The church currently meets on Sundays at 5 p.m. (no morning service)! The current pastor (for the past two years), is Samuel Krouse.


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