Talks and Tours “Art Deco Buildings, still standing after 80 years”


Art Deco architecture in America began at the end of WWII until the collapse of the stock exchange in 1929.  It was a period of great growth: railways continued as urban areas grew, skyscrapers rose to change skylines.  New technology and materials suitable to express the spirit of the times gave people images that reflected their desire for speed, luxury and modernity.  Thus a new style “Style Modern” was born. Amazingly Marysville has many Art Deco building still standing.   Join us for a walking tour of the old survivors in Marysville.


Join us for Talks and Tours on Saturday June 1st at 10:00 a.m.

Location: tba

Host, Sue Cejner-Moyers is limited  742-6508       

                                                 $10.00 donation ...sponsored by FOCUS on Marysville.

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