Sutter County agriculture harvests $1.48 billion


 Yuba City, Ca.

Sutter County agriculture pumped $1.48 billion into the local economy in 2017 and supported more than 6,800 jobs, Agricultural Commissioner Lisa D. Herbert announced  as she released the first-ever comprehensive economic analysis of one of the county’s dominant industries.

“This study goes beyond our annual crop and livestock report.” said Herbert. “It captures not just the direct effects of farm production, but also the ripple effects of agricultural businesses. During these uncertain economic times, it’s important to better understand how and where agriculture contributes to our economy and to local employment.”

To put the contribution in perspective, Sutter County agriculture pumped roughly $4.1 million into the county economy per day, or just over $169,000 per hour.

The study was conducted for the Agricultural Commissioner’s Office by Drs. Jeff Langholz and Fernando DePaolis of Agricultural Impact Associates, a consulting firm specializing in agricultural economics.

  • • Of the $1.48 billion in total economic contribution, $835.6 million came from direct economic output via production and processing, representing 13.9% of the county's total direct economic output, about one out of every seven dollars.
  • • An additional $645.1 million came from expenditures by agriculture companies and their employees.
  • • Of the 6,869 total jobs agriculture supported, 5,849 were direct employees in production and processing. This represents 13.8% of all jobs in the county or about one out of every seven jobs. The remaining 1,021 jobs were made possible through expenditures by agriculture companies and their employees.
  • • Economic diversification with agriculture has held steady over the past decade and continues to provide critical economic stability to the industry and county.

“This report shows the importance of Sutter County agriculture as both an employer and a powerful economic engine,” said Christine Ivory, President of the Yuba-Sutter Farm Bureau. “Every dollar earned creates ripples that support a healthy local economy.”

The report, “Economic Contributions of Sutter County Agriculture”, was released today at a briefing at the Agricultural Commissioner’s Office Conference Room at 142 Garden Highway in Yuba City. Drs. Langholz and DePaolis presented their findings to the news media, public officials, agricultural industry members, and the general public.

Attendees included Mat Conant, Chairman of the Sutter County Board of Supervisors, Assemblyman James Gallagher’s Office, Janine Hasey, UCCE Tree Crops Farm Advisor and County Director, Shon Harris, Mayor of Yuba City, Christine Ivory, President of the Yuba-Sutter Farm Bureau and many others.

For more information or to view the report, please go to our website:

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