Are Public Safety Power Shutoffs the new norm?



Marysville, Ca.


Mr. Moreno was asked if the Public Safety Power Shutoffs, PSPS, was the new norm or a temporary fix until other measures (ie brush and tree clearing) can be completed?

Paul Moreno of P G & E said," Our Public Safety Power Shutoffs are no replacement for other measures.  We are boosting our inspections, pruning greater distances between trees and power lines, hardening our electric grid with covered wire and non-wood poles, expanding our network of weather stations and remote high-def cameras, and installing more grid technology that can further reduce the footprint of a PSPS event.

As we expand our use of covered wire and non-wood poles, this will help reduce the need for PSPS in certain situations.  These are largely weather and fire condition driven, so if fire conditions improve that will help too.