Local Farmers to Fund All Wheatland High School FFA Trip Costs

Wheatland, Ca.


The board of directors of the new Yuba River Endowment voted unanimously to present the Wheatland High School FFA program with $15,000 to cover all out-of-pocket expenses for FFA students to attend all Field Day and State competitions for the current school year.


 The Yuba River Endowment is a non-profit organization created by Yuba County farmers to benefit Yuba County residents. Last month the Endowment presented Marysville High School FFA with a similar award. The funds for Wheatland will cover all transportation costs, hotel and registration fees for 21 scheduled trips, helping approximately 230 students this year.


 “FFA at Wheatland High School is a vital part of our ag program, but we are not able to cover out-of-pocket expenses for students to attend competitions,” said Wheatland High School Principal, Nicole Newman. “The Yuba River Endowment funding will allow all of our students who qualify for FFA events to attend those events, and any funds raised can now go towards new projects and infrastructure to benefit the students.”


 The Yuba River Endowment was established by a select group of Yuba County farmers who have a right to water that flows on the Yuba River. In a truly win-win situation, the farmers’ water is used to provide the required flow levels to protect endangered fishes on the Yuba River, then once past this critical point, the water can be sold to drought-stricken areas of the state.


 Proceeds from these transfers provide the funding for the Yuba River Endowment, allow these farmers to expand their agricultural operations and create jobs in Yuba County. Through generations of conservation, cooperation, infrastructure investment and groundwater recharge, Yuba County is a model for water management in California.


The Endowment was created to give back to the community, and provide organizational and educational grants to improve the quality of life in Yuba County.


 “Our motto for the Endowment is ‘Local Farmers Giving Back’,” said local farmer and Yuba River Endowment President, Al Lassaga. “Our board is made up of representatives from seven different Yuba County regions, from Browns Valley to Wheatland. Investing our money back

into our community, and specifically into agricultural education and our future farmers, just makes sense. We want to make sure agriculture stays strong in Yuba County for generations to come.”


 Yuba River Endowment board members will award the funds during the upcoming Wheatland High School FFA lunch meeting on January 22nd.

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