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Greetings from Forbestown!

A big thanks to the many volunteers that made this year’s “Trunks with Treats” held in Forbestown and Brownsville such great successes. It takes cooperation between community groups and individual passion to keep these events going. If you’re looking for something to make you feel great and to make your community feel even better, VOLUNTEER!

Speaking of events, the “Books & Bakes” Sale is coming up – Saturday, November 25, 1-5 PM, the same day as “Hometown Christmas” at nearby Gold Trader Flat. Along with wonderful books for gifting, there will be all kinds of ready-to-bake holiday treats, in addition to already-baked items. Unbaked pies, frozen bread/cookie dough, muffin mix and other unbaked and baked goodies will be available to make your holidays a little easier. It will be held at the Forbestown Community Center - Charles Lynds Hall, 19100 New York Flat Road, Forbestown.

Local business happenings - As many of you already know, the Forbestown General Store is under new ownership (great pizza). We wish the Woods the very best and thank them for their support of “Trunks with Treats” this year...No need for a Starbucks up here - Forbestown resident, Jamie Howell, is the proprietor of the CapShack, in Brownsville, a great place for barista-quality coffee. Stop by, say hello and sip a delicious Cup’o’Joe!...The recent Succulent Swap at the Hen House was well-attended and fun for all. Perhaps this will become an annual event?

Our thoughts and prayers go out to our good neighbors in Loma Rica and Bangor areas. While much needed rain is lessening the fire danger, it’s still important to remain “Fire Safe.” Becoming an active member of The Forbestown Ridge Fire Safe Council (FRFSC) is good way to gain more knowledge about foothill fire safety and community programs. Did you know that you can donate the hours that you spend on home cleanup activities, like weed-whacking, brushing and tree removal to FRFSC? Your hours are converted into a dollar amount that is then used to secure matching state grants. These grants tackle the large projects, like roadside clearing and creating community firebreaks. Call 675-9345 for info about how you can help.

“Christmas in the Foothills” happens the weekend of December 2-3. Check out their participant list at in the Foothills to see who’s opening their doors in the Forbestown, Challenge and Clipper Mills areas. Shop and support your local businesses!

Come see your friends in Forbestown!

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