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Greetings from Forbestown!

Ho! Ho! Ho! Santa comes to town! The annual “Forbestown Children’s Christmas Party” happens on Sunday, December 17, 2-4PM. Children, 13 and younger, are welcome to meet Santa, receive a gift and take home sweet goodies. The event, hosted by the Forbestown Parade and Picnic Committee and your Forbestown Advisory Council, will be held at the Forbestown Community Center - Charles Lynds Hall, 19100 New York Flat Road, Forbestown. For more info, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Community Passings...Lana Coleman, Don Mossinger and Susie Woods...We extend our deepest condolences to their families and friends in their time of loss.

Many thanks to everyone, both bakers and buyers, who made the recent “Books & Bakes Sale” such a great success! Visitors and friends from all over attended and everyone had loads of fun. Your donations go to support the many community events, like the Easter Egg Hunt and Forbestown Daze.

The sounds of Christmas were heard ringing throughout Forbestown – The annual “Hometown Christmas,” held at Gold Trader Flat, was well attended and appreciated by everyone. Thank you Yuba Feather Historical Association for your enduring commitment to keep our foothill history alive!

“Library Fridays” at the Forbestown Mountain Library continue throughout the end of the year. Free Wi-Fi and delicious snacks are a few of the perks available when you visit. It’s a great atmosphere for families who home school, book lovers or serious Scrabble players. They still have baked goods for sale to help ease your hectic holiday schedule. Wow - A library and bakeshop rolled into one – You can't beat that!

‘Tis the season...At the recent “Books & Bakes Sale,” a cost-conscious mom and her two, pre-teen children were seen eagerly picking out educational books. Her son recently “got into” reading and he was thrilled by the wildlife and sign language books they found. The sale was an affordable opportunity for the mom to further her family’s education, while the daughter was soaking up the meaning of the gathering – Helping the community. An hour or so later, after they departed, the two kids came back to buy some cupcakes and brownies. Between them, they had a buck and a quarter, which would cover the cost of five items. With bright eyes and a sweet tooth, they picked out only four items. When the seller asked the young girl about her fifth choice, she kindly handed over her last quarter and said without hesitation, “Please keep it to help out for future events.” (Need a handkerchief?)

Merry, Merry! Happy, Happy!

Come see your friends in Forbestown!

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