News From the Brownsville Bailiwick & Beyond

We are hoping that the weather is turning and rain will come. Ben's rain gauge in Strawberry Valley shows 33 inches for the whole season so far and the average for a season is around 85 inches. Our forest needs water!

A group of us took a trip to Sacramento to visit the Crocker Art Museum and had a great experience. One can certainly spend the whole day there viewing the many galleries. Paintings in the old section of the museum are great, but just visiting that building is worth the trip. Then the newer section has many special shows. These change often and can be viewed on their web site.

Yuba Feather Next Step is a new program for members of our local communities who want help taking the “next step” in their life. We hope to assist in figuring out what the next step might be, finding resources needed, offering tutoring help, and other aids. This group of local volunteers are working to help in many ways. They meet at Books & More (675-3275) on some Friday afternoons, but mentors will be available to help you at other times when you need assistance. Perhaps you know of friends, family or neighbors who might want to take a “next step”. We hope to offer small group meetings for various topics: computer help, counseling, nutrition ideas, hobbies, or whatever a group might want.

Valentine’s Day is on the fourteenth and if you still have need to purchase last minute valentines or a small gift for your Special Valentine make a stop at Books and More or the Brownsville Mercantile. You can pick up a book, bookmarker and a valentine at Books and More as well as jewelry, glass ware etc. The Brownsville Mercantile also offers jewelry, glassware, and special gift items. Help support our local businesses this Valentine’s Day and have a Happy Valentine’s Day.

February 17th is Random Acts of Kindness Day. I have been blessed several times by such random acts of kindness. These can change a person’s whole day and cause a chain reaction of kindness in the community. Open a door for someone, carry someone’s groceries, do the dishes without being asked, and the list is endless. When I was still working in S.F. the car in front of me paid for my bridge toll one morning. I smiled about that all day. So let’s see how much kindness we can spread around.

Look Back in Time – In 1906 forty pupils attended Forbestown School (see a replica of this school when Yuba Feather Museum opens June 2).

Hope to see you in Forbestown soon. Christine and Yvonne

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