News From the Brownsville Bailiwick & Beyond

We are watching for activity at the Gold Eagle site. Doing all of the planning takes a great deal of time. Chief Bill Shaw told us of all the new regulations put in place since the store was first built. Everything from water lines, fire safety, to all equipment inside the store has to be upgraded for our safety. We all sure miss our local grocery store, but we thank Tony's Smoke Shop for stepping up and helping our community.

Calling all crafters! There are still booths available for the Foothills Christmas Shoppe to be held at the Ponderosa Communities Center in Brownsville on December 1st and 2nd, as part of the 26th annual Christmas in the Foothills event. If you are interested please contact Christine Mills at 530-675-9225 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Has anyone else noticed the amount of acorns that have fallen this year. Our property has acorns everywhere and some of them are huge. The squirrels will have a feast this winter. They’re burying them like mad all over our property. Bon appétit little squirrels.

Look Back in Time – In 1925 Challenge students were bused to Dobbins High School (that idea was bounced around again during the 1980s).

Hope to see you in Brownsville soon. Christine and Yvonne

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