News From the Brownsville Bailiwick & Beyond


            We hear that the Family Kickball game has been postponed and will be tried again on March 9. Two reasons: wet weather and the opportunity to attend the Yuba Feather Taco Dinner that evening. We  hope many will attend the Taco Dinner to help out Yuba Feather School and then come play Kickball the next Saturday. Let's have fun together, many of us from all of our communities.

            Count the daffodils on our hill. They are telling us that spring is just around the corner. The lilacs are budding, almond blossoms fill the valley air and yet we may still see a snow flurry or two. These mixed up seasons: fall and spring. You never know. I have heard it said that it has snowed at least once in every month of the year in La Porte.

            Okay, it’s that time again! Daylight savings time is back. Whatever you do, don’t forget to “Spring Forward” your clock on Sunday, March 10th. Actually, you should set it forward on Saturday, March 9th before you go to bed, otherwise you’ll be late for any Sunday morning plans. Believe me, I’ve made that mistake more times than I wish to admit.

            Look Back in Time – In 1898 H. Klos of Brownsville built a butcher shop in Indiana Ranch and will open next week (a good old-fashioned butcher shop!).

            Hope to see you in Brownsville soon. Christine and Yvonne

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